Mom Posts a Video Of Breastfeeding Baby While Driving Through Traffic, Sparks A Debate After Asking People On Their Opinion

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Raquel Reynolds shared a video on her Instagram account. In her video, the young mom could be seen breastfeeding her baby while stuck in the traffic and the car slowly inching forward. Little did she know, the video will spark debate online and she will receive backlash for positioning her baby in a dangerous position that could be life-threatening to the child.


#1 Resorted to feeding her child while driving the car

On her way to her destination, there was a road accident that caused Raquel Reynolds to be stuck in traffic. While still stuck in the car, it was time to breastfeed her newborn. Not having many options, the mom resorted to feeding her baby in the car.

As reported by Daily Mail, in a now-deleted video, the mom could be heard saying, “We’re sitting in traffic and baby’s hungry … it’s so dangerous [and] it’s a bit crazy,” she said. “But what am I supposed to do, hey bubba?”


#2 Reynolds posted the video on her social media

Reynolds posted the video of feeding her child on social media and asked the viewers that what would be their option if they face a similar situation. The video shows feeding her newborn while the car still stuck in the traffic and slowly moving forward.


#3 Reynolds question sparked an online debate

After feeding her baby, Reynolds shared the video to her Instagram account. The caption of the post was a question, asking moms, had they been in her shoes what would they do? Following the post, it sparked an online debate between people who thought that Reynolds's action was justified given the situation while many thought the opposite.

While some moms agreed with Reynolds and agreed that they would have fed their child others thought that Reynolds was in the wrong for putting her child in a dangerous position.


#4 Moms suggested that Reynold's should have prepared a feeder bottle separately for such situation

Many even suggested that Reynolds should have prepared a feeder bottle beforehand just in case a situation like this arises.

Debbi Baer, an NICU pediatrician who runs the website The Car Seat Lady, told CafeMom, “I’m very pro-breastfeeding but nursing has a time and a place. A moving vehicle is not the time or the place. Nursing your child while the car is moving puts both you and your baby at significant risk of unnecessary injury.”

#5 The baby's positioning could be life-threatening for her if she hits her head to the steering wheel in case of a sudden stop or a crash

She added, “If [Mom] is leaning over the baby to nurse, her chest will slam down on the baby’s body in a sudden stop of crash,” adding that the force of would be great in the event of a crash.


#6 Reynolds has made her account private now

After following the backlash, Reynolds has since then made her Instagram account private.