Mom Posts Picture Of Her Baby Bump. Cops Are Hunting Her Down For What’s In Background

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 1st March 2017

A baby is a precious thing. People expected to take care of themselves and their unborn children when in the womb. A mom post picture of her baby bump and got arrested for what’s in the background.

Let's take a look at the whole story.


#1 A Baby Is A Blessing Of God


#2 A Mom Posts Picture Of Her Baby Bump

It seems a normal baby bump photo until some people find something strange in it.

#3 Can You Spot What's Wrong With Her Baby Bump?

Look, that's not a hair band around her upper arm.

#4 A Syringe And An Ashtray

You can see a syringe and an ashtray on the table.


#5 She Was Drug Addict

You can see the woman has her arm tied off and the needle all in the frame, it's easy to conclude that she shot up heroin shortly before posing for that picture.

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