Mom's Horrifying Find At The End Of Son’s Bed Leaves People’s ‘Skin Crawling’

By Haider Ali in Bizarre On 13th November 2023

While the internet may be a wonderful resource, one mother's worries were heightened when she asked what unsettling item people believed she had seen at her son's bedside.

Asking any inquiry on the internet can lead to some scary replies, just as searching for symptoms while you're sick on Google.

One mother started asking people on social media what they thought of a strange find she had at her 7-year-old's bedside.

The mother posted a query in the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, hoping to receive a response regarding what she had discovered.

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She posted some photos and said,

"Is there anyone who knows what this could be? It's on the floor, at the end of my son's bed," she wrote, posting images of small, dark objects—that appear to be little eggs—splayed out on the ground close to her son's bed, who is seven years old.

Credit: Facebook

“Not anywhere else in his room, not in his ottoman bed base or under his bed. Just at the end in one spot (I've spread it out a bit to look). Any ideas, please?"

Naturally, people started speculating about the most terrifying things that could possibly happen.

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“OMG, my skin is crawling – I hope this is cereal as I’m about to freak the freakout,” one Facebook user commented on the post.

"Nope ... new fear unlocked,” another user wrote.

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An additional user proposed the most uncomfortable scenario. They stated: 

“Definitely tarantula black widow scorpion eggs. Extremely bitey, and they bide their time before they attack.”

Thankfully, the mother sent an update outlining the nature of what she had discovered.

She mentioned that the debris came from an unplanned microwaveable hot pack explosion.

She claimed that after vacuuming the area a few days earlier, she saw the things there and when she went back to look for them, they were there.

She concluded that the items came from a heat teddy that had exploded near her son's bed's end.

Credit: Facebook

“I hoovered it a couple of days ago, and it wasn’t there. I went back to Hoover again, and it was,” she explained.

“I have now found out it’s from a heat teddy that’s popped at the end of his bed.”

Thankfully, there's no need to worry about sly, nasty crawlies hiding their eggs in our bedrooms tonight. We can all sleep soundly.

The mom's story is a reminder that online stuff can be surprising and funny. 

She was worried about something near her son's bed, and it became a big deal online. But it turned out to be just a strange accident.