'Most Painful Experience In The World' Is Worse Than Childbirth And Being Kicked In Balls

By Haider Ali in Health and Fitness On 20th December 2023
Credit: Pixabay

A person's life might be filled with numerous terrible events, and evaluating pain frequently requires experiencing something significantly worse first.

There has been much argument over the years over whether getting kicked in the balls or giving birth is worse because no one can truly feel both.

But, it seems like either of those possibilities would be extremely appealing in comparison to this new experience.

People react differently to pain, ranging from fractured bones to bee stings. One thing, nevertheless, can make sure that someone falls to the ground in excruciating pain.

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Credit: Pixabay

Professor Troy Madsen, an adjunct emergency medicine professor and assistant surgery professor at the University of Utah, claims to have seen his fair share of people go through this terrible ordeal.

In an interview with Who Cares About Men's Health? he described the worst kind of pain one might experience.

He said: “I don't know that I ever see anyone on a regular basis in the ER who has more pain than a person who's there with a kidney stone.”

“You can tell. You walk in the room, they're writhing… It's just incredible pain.”

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That's precisely what it sounds like if you've never experienced the discomfort of having a kidney stone and can't imagine what it is.

These are hard stones that have formed inside the kidney as a result of waste products building up in the blood. They must be removed, no matter how because leaving them untreated might result in serious kidney infections.

John Smith, a urologist at the University of Utah, told IFLScience: “When stones are sitting in the kidney, they don't usually cause pain because they're not obstructing.”

“They're not bothering you.”

“But when they start blocking the flow of urine and they get into the ureter, the small tube, your body tries to get rid of that by peristalsing, just the way it does when it moves food through your intestines.”

This action initiates the agonizing journey because, if the stone is large enough, it may obstruct your ureter and cause excruciating kidney spasms.

If the stone doesn't pass, the obstruction and infection may cause the stone to behave like an abscess, which, if it gets really serious, may even cause the kidney to stop working and cause death.

Is this hurting more than pushing someone out of the way, then?

It may surprise you to learn that this has been the subject of a peer-reviewed study.

According to 63.3% of women who had given birth and passed a kidney stone in the 2017 study, the kidney stones were worse.

How about getting a kick to the balls? Well, one man on Reddit answered this when asked which was worse: "Imagine pissing out razor blades. Kidney stones for sure."

Another said: "Kidney stones. I've had dozens of them. If I had a choice, I'd queue up for a good nut kick with joy in my eyes."

I mean, I've never had a kidney stone and I can't be kicked in the balls. However, it sounds genuine.