Most People Can't Even Score 5 Out 10 On This Quiz. Can You?

By Michael Avery in Puzzle On 17th April 2017

#1 Let's start out easy. Out of the 4 places listed which one is covered in ice? Greenland, Iceland, Canada, or China?

#2 Jakarta is the capital of what country? Venezuela, Indonesia, India, or Australia?

Remember Google and maps are not allowed.

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#3 What does 'DOS' stand for in computer terms?

Could it be ‘disk operational standard’, ‘disk optimum standard’, ‘disk operating system’, or ‘dual optimum system’?

#4 Which fairy tail character had the ability to spin straw into gold?

Cinderella, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin or Sleeping Beauty?

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#5 What woman helped drive the English from France in the 15th century?

Harriet Tubman, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, or Hellen Keller?

#6 What family of instruments does the tuba belong to? Strings, woodwinds, percussion, or brass?

#7 This fascist leader was called ‘Il Duce’ by his followers.

Name that leader. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin, or Engelbert Dollfuss? Remember, googling is not allowed!

#8 Chris Evert Lloyd is best known for playing which sport?

Tennis, Baseball, Football, or Cricket? Can you guess this without the help of google?

#9 The leader of Mexico goes by what title? The president, prime minister, king, or emperor?

#10 For the final question we picked a doozy. The last name Nguyen is most popular in which Asian country?

Your four options are China, Taiwan, Japan, or Vietnam?

The answers to all the questions lie ahead. Let's see how you did.

#1 Answer

This one was fairly easy but it was designed to throw you off. Who would guess that the place names Iceland would be green and the place named Greenland would be covered in ice.

#2 Answer

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Did you get it right or did you cheat?

#3 Answer

DOS stands for ‘disk operating system’ but you knew that didn't you?

#4 Answer

The correct answer is Rumpelstiltskin the little imp who spun straw into gold.

#5 Answer

Joan of Arc is the correct answer. Sadly she died at the age of 19 being burned at the stake.

#6 Answer

It takes a lot of brass to create all that jazz.

#7 Answer

Duce is an Italian word that means dux in latin which in turn means duke. Benito Mussolini is the man who was known as ‘Il Duce’ or roughly The Duke.

#8 Answer

Christine Marie, ‘Chris’ Evert-Lloyd was once the number 1 professional player in America at her sport. That sport just happens to be tennis. Did her name throw you off?

#9 Answer

The person who leads the country of Mexico goes by the President, just like their northern counterpart in the neighboring United States.

#10 Answer

If you are not familiar with Asia this one was probably pretty hard. The answer is Vietnam.

How did you do? Did you cheat or did you give it a fair shot? Let us know in the comments.