Most Promiscuous Cities In The World For A One-Night Stand

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Nature and Travel On 6th September 2017

People may have different views – be it bad or not – when it comes to the one-night stand. But regardless, it has become a norm in the modern society. Some even see it as a way to know the opposite sex.2000 people from ages 18 to 64 were interviewed in a recent survey for Glamour Magazine about their casual one-night stand experiences. 82% confessed having at least one such experience and 19% of those regret that it ever happened.

The western world is embracing this trend with movies and television promoting such lifestyle. But not all countries have joined the revolution. Without further ado, below are the top cities that have embraced one-night stand as a culture.


#1 Berlin, Germany

Just because of the annual exotic Love Parade dating back to 1989, Berlin has become a year round tourist spot where locals and tourist are very open about their intimate tendencies. There is no discrimination and people have also embraced the LGBT community. The fact that Berlin legalized prostitution helped to rank this city at no. 10 spot on the list.


#2 London

London’s precarious position in the list makes it no surprise the British capital also rated as the most hungover, in a tie with Sydney. More than two thirds (68 per cent) of revelers in Sydney and London admitted to at least one hangover in the last month. Though it came in sixth for one night stands, Paris was top of the table when it comes to the most amount of sex. Respondents in the French capital reported having sex on average 1.64 times per week, easily eclipsing their competition. Lisbon was the second most popular place - where people are having sex 1.51 times a week. Miami (1.45) and Barcelona (1.42) followed closely, as did Los Angeles in fifth (1.38).


#3 Swansea, Wales.

Swansea is a coastal city and county in Wales. It is the second largest city in Wales after Cardiff and the twenty-fifth largest city in the United Kingdom.Swansea has been named the most likely place for a person to have a one night stand, in a survey highlighting the risk of sexually transmitted infections.


#4 Newcastle, UK.

Newcastle is the most populous city in the North East and forms the core of the Tyneside conurbation, the eighth most populous urban area in the United Kingdom. Newcastle, in contrast, is the most well-behaved city, with only four per cent of people there admitting to having casual sex.


#5 Las Vegas, Nevada

The city of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city, known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. The Las Vegas Valley as a whole serves as the leading financial, commercial, and cultural center for Nevada.

"Las Vegas, you need to step up your naughtiness game."

The city that brags, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," looks practically wholesome when it comes to vacation hookups, according to's annual Singles in America survey.

The survey, taken earlier this year, asked 5,000 people (from census rolls, not Match members) about their love lives while on vacation. The findings showed that when singles look to fool around on holiday, they go west.What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.All of the lustful things you can ever imagine are wonderfully cultivated in this city. There’s nothing like a solid Vegas experience!


#6 Edinburgh and Birmingham

Edinburgh and Birmingham came in at a joint second with 11 per cent of respondents admitting to a fling in December.

Nationally, more people under the age of 25 reported having a one night stand, with 15 per cent saying they had.

Worryingly, the survey also found that 13 per cent of the 2,000 respondents had sex without a condom during a one night stand, with people aged 25 to 34 being the demographic most likely to have unprotected sex. One in ten admitted to having sex without a condom with more than one person.


#7 Macau, China

Since Macau legalized gambling it has exploded on the tourist map. The city has become a magnet for people who like to indulge themselves in casual one-night stands, drinking, and gambling. In fact, because of the ever growing popularity, the city has managed to take the crew from Las Vegas.According to The Beauty of Travel, Macau is internationally known as the “King of All Casino Heavens.”


#8 Manama, Bahrain

Manama is the capital and largest city of Bahrain, with an approximate population of 157,000 people. Long an important trading center in the Persian Gulf, Manama is home to a very diverse population. After periods of Portuguese and Persian control and invasions from the ruling dynasties of Saudi Arabia and Oman, Bahrain established itself as an independent nation during the 19th century period of British hegemony. has described Manama as Middle East`s party capital.Prostitution and brothels started to become a “thing” in the 1990s. Since then, these spread like a wildfire across Manama, earning the moniker “Middle East’s party capital.” With its laid back scenery, the city is like a European experience. However, the liberal lifestyle it promotes encouraged people from different parts of the world to visit it. And this is solely for the purpose of having sex.


#9 New Orleans, Louisiana

Well, this is a no-brainer. The 4Bs are enough to put this one on the list. “Wait, what’s 4Bs,” you may ask. These are basically bongs, beers, breads, and boobs – yes, you read the latter correctly. As a city, New Orleans has always had that “sinful” element blending music, French food, hedonism and (not legal) prostitution. If you’ve heard the phrase “The Big Easy,” you’d know exactly why the city deserves it.


#10 Moscow, Russia

Moscow has a very “active” population and one-night stands are very popular, especially amongst the younger population.They say if you want a great sexual experience, visit Moscow. It seems this is true after all.The city offers a very active nightlife, with tons of night clubs and brothels.Before tying the knot around the age of 28 many like to test the waters first.People can just get loose here.


#11 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When it comes to beaches and topless women, there’s nothing compared to Rio de Janeiro.Topless beaches, carnivals, legal brothels and high levels of energy make Rio a very popular destination for one-night stands.The level of energy the city has is just off the charts. No wonder it has become a top destination for one-night stands. Brazilian women are known for their almost mystical beauty and healthy s-drive. Rio de Janeiro has a high % of the s-active population starting from the age of 16 which dramatically rises during the famous festivals where parties and booze last to the morning hours.

#12 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is also known as the free city of the world where cannabis and prostitution are legal.From the moment when teenagers tell their parents they want to go to Amsterdam, they know what to expect.The city also inspires and encourages a healthy and safe s-life.