Mother-Daughter Duo Sparks Debate After Revealing To The World That They Share OnlyFans Account

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 6th April 2020

#1 Part-time jobs are great for earning extra bucks

We have all been there where we have taken up odd jobs to make extra cash. From babysitting kids to waitressing tables, we have done it all. Doing part-time jobs is even considered an important part of the struggle of growing up.

Onlyfan is a social media page that allows people to earn extra bucks by posting explicit pictures and videos.

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#2 Doing side jobs to earn extra cash is no strange news

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#3 OnlyFans is a membership app that lets people post their explicit videos and pictures to earn extra cash


#5 People earn a lot of money through this site and content posted is always consensual

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#6 A lot of people who wished to enter the adult industry have started their career through this app

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#7 What if we tell you this girl shares her OnlyFans account with her mom?

Usually, young people who have the memberships for these adult apps hide this from their parents. But 18-years old Britney Olivia is more than happy with sharing the news of using the app with her mom. And the teenager, who is from Manchester in the U.K. regularly posts explicit photographs on her OnlyFans account, which has around 3,300 fans.


#9 Jessica was thrilled with the news that one can earn money simply by posting a few explicit photos

Mother and daughter now post pictures together and are earning money from their shared account.

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#10 Twitter is divided over the news of mother-daughter sharing account of an adult membership app

Needless to say, Twitter is confused about how to respond to this kind of news. Some have cheered up on Jessica for her parenting skills. One user commented, “Nice parenting skills,” while another said, “Mother and daughter? Nice parenting skills, mom!”

But many people are less than thrilled and have criticized Jessica for supporting her daughter over this kind of work.