Mother-In-Law Throws A Fit For Not Being Allowed To Attend Birth, Strangers Give Her A Befitting Response

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 7th March 2018

Being in labor is the toughest and scariest experience for every pregnant woman. At the time, a woman needs only her loved ones to be close to her, however, some relations feel they are entitled to be a part of it and even have the guts to throw a tantrum over it. This mother-in-law did the same but the befitting response she gets from the online community, we bet she didn't expect this coming.


#1 Toughest Part Of Pregnancy Is Labor

If you ask a mom what was the scariest and toughest part of her pregnancy, without hesitation the mom will tell you about labor. Being in labor is never easy. It's a scary, exciting and emotional experience which definitely leaves you exhausted till the end.


#2 Woman In Labor Is In Extremely Vulnerable State

Most importantly, a woman in labor is in an extremely vulnerable state, she is literally on display for the hospital staff. At the time, keeping the privacy of the patient is most important for the doctors and nurses. So it is the basic right of the woman to decide and choose who stays with her in the room and who should not.


#3 Julia Wants Only Her Mother And Husband To Be In The Room With Her

Julia, a first-time mom, decided that the only people she wanted with her during delivery were her mom and husband, Steven. However, Julia's decision did not sit well with her mother-in-law. She raised a point that why Julia won't be comfortable with her presence in the room.

#4 Steven's Mom Throws A Fit Over A Personal Issue

Steven's mom took to an advice column to ask help to convince her daughter-in-law to allow her in the room. However, the grandmother-to-be was given a befitting response by the columnist and online strangers.


#5 Wrote In An Advice Column

Julia's mother-in-law wrote in Slate‘s “Dear Prudence” column, the letter stated, "My son, Steven, and daughter-in-law, Julia, are expecting their first child and our first grandchild next month. I had what I thought was a good relationship with Julia, but I find myself devastated. Julia has decided only Steven and her mother will be allowed in the delivery room when she gives birth. I was stunned and hurt by the unfairness of the decision and tried to plead with her and my son, but Julia says she “wouldn’t feel comfortable” with me there."

The letter added, "I reminded her that I was a nurse for 40 years, so there is nothing I haven’t seen. I’ve tried to reason with Steven, but he seems to be afraid of angering Julia and will not help. I called Julia’s parents and asked them to please reason with their daughter, but they brusquely and rather rudely got off the phone. I’ve felt nothing but heartache since learning I would be banned from the delivery room."

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