Mother Left Mortified After Phone Was Locked By Toddler For 48 Years

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology

A mother learned a harsh lesson after her toddler locked iPhone for 48 years almost 5 decades.


Warning for parents

A toddler, 2 locked mom's iPhone for 25 million minutes after repeatedly entering the wrong password.


Harsh lesson

The mom gave iPhone to her toddler for watching educational videos. She left dismayed to find that her Phone was locked for 25 million minutes because toddler entered the wrong password so many times.


Failed attempt

Entering an incorrect password in iPhone would lead to the phone being locked out, for incrementally longer periods of time.


The Mom From Shanghai, who has been identified only by her surname Lu, said:

"I couldn’t really wait for 48 years.

In 40 years I probably won't be able to talk. Although I'll probably joke to my grandchildren this is your dad's fault."

factory resets

The mom took her phone at Apple store in Shanghai.

The Apple store technician Wei Chunlong said: "There is no way to solve it unless she factory resets the system. All the files cannot be transferred either."

One technician said he has also seen phones locked for 80 years.


Lose all data

The mom said she couldn't reboot as it would mean she will lose all her pictures, contacts and other files.


keep backup

The unfortunate incident could happen to any Apple device. The Phone data will be restored after a factory reset if you have keep backup.