Mother Tattooed One Of Her Identical Twins- So She Could Tell Them Apart

Posted by Zainab Pervez in Parenting On 15th December 2020

A mother of twin boys has come under fire for tattooing one of the twins to tell them apart. The need for an identifier was necessitated after the grandmother was mistaken and gave injection to the one who did not need it. This incident has left her mother-in-law furious.



A mother tattooed one of her twins to avoid confusion

It is true that differentiating between identical twins is a task. It is even more difficult when they are young as their features are not entirely developed. In such a case, mistaking one baby for another is quite natural. A 31-year-old mom too was struggling with the exact same situation with her twin boys Adam and Jack. In order to avoid the confusion, she got one of her boys tattooed. This incident has left her mother-in-law furious.


Tattoo was needed after grandmother injected medication to the wrong baby

The couple had been trying for a baby for five years, and they were finally blessed with fraternal twins, Adam and Jack. 

The mum explained that Jack was born with a medical condition because of which he needs to be given an injection every week. The reason why she got him tattooed was to ensure that the medication is given to the right child. Recently, her mother-in-law had given the injection to Adam instead of Jack. However, she did realise her mistake and called 911 at the earliest. On reaching the hospital, Adam was given the reversal agent. By the time, the 31-year-old mother reached the hospital both the boys were chilling and were sipping on to some juice. Because of the incident the grandmother of the children refused to take care of them and therefore both the boys were moved to daycare.

The doctor suggested the tattoo for medical purpose

The idea of the tattoo was also suggested by the doctor. He had said that a medical tattoo, basically a freckle will not be bigger than the end of pencil eraser. The tattoo will be made on the area of the skin that is easily seen when the child is under mild sedation. After discussing this option, she went ahead and got Jack tattooed.


But the grandma is furious for tattooing the baby

Even though the move was taken in the interest of the child, the grandma was furious about it. Explaining her reaction, the mother said that the grandmother was unable to spot the tattoo. She, in fact, went on to stripping Jack to skivvies but was still unable to find it. So eventually, when the mother showed the tattoo to her she reacted saying, “That's just a freckle”. Describing the reaction in detail she wrote, “She's still p****d and ranting. Once I explain to others and they fail to find it they understand but they still think I went too far in tattooing my child and altering their body.”


Many people commented in mother's support

Her post received more than 2,000 comments, with one person saying: “She almost inadvertently killed your child and she’s pissed about a small non-invasive tattoo. It’s not like you got an eagle tattooed on his whole back.”

Someone else commented: “NTA at all, it’s literally a fake freckle. It’s not like you gave him a full sleeve of pin up girls and muscle cars. Also, it’s to make it harder to accidentally kill him or his brother. You made the right call.”

A third commented: “I’d rather tattoo my kids with Barney the dinosaur on their whole body than risk messing up medication.”

 One of them commented: “NTA. When he’s older, Adam is going to love telling people he got his first tattoo when he was one y/o.”

This person pointed out: “I think she heard ‘tattoo’ and got upset. Then she felt like she was too committed to being upset to admit she was wrong once she realized she was overreacting.”

While somebody else added: “YTA should have given the kid a cool tattoo like a flaming skull or something.”