Movie Mistakers That I Bet You Didn't Catch At All

By Muk Khatri in Entertainment On 23rd October 2015

#1 Did you notice that the video being shown as

#2 In this movie, the scar that might actually be bleeding profously have suddenly disappeared?

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#4 Sand on the back of James Bond Disappears, maybe just a nice lotion.

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#5 Notice the number of the plane changes? Come on producers, you can do better than that!

#6 Okay, maybe he tied himself again? or not? I've got nothing here

#8 What can you expect from a time-travelling car! Ofcourse it will skip!

#9 In the movie's defense, hands do have a tendency to jump in and out of pockets

#10 This is one a bit weird - I never really saw this one; better re-watch it just to be sure

#11 It the movies defense (again); the ship is actually sinking during that time

#12 You never know, maybe he found it and got it back before the camera sees it again

#13 The moment when you realize that the plane you are in just dropped two jet engines

#14 We all know it is a wig; but come on people! This is supposed to be international quality!

#15 This one is actually valid; she literally hit is hand! Bet you didn't see that

#16 This is one of the most ridiculous one yet, how did the cap magically got back to his head?