Mum Sees ‘Dead Granddad Kissing Unborn Baby’ In 4D Scan

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 2nd October 2015

#1 Whether a ghost, an apparition, a hallucination, or even just some amniotic fluid, a woman has seen what she believes to be her dead granddad kissing her unborn child in a 4D scan.

Jade Hornsby's mother had treated her to the 30 week scan on Harley Street, with both claiming to be astonished when they saw what appears to be Jade's granddad (the late Jack Hornsby) alongside the baby.

#2 The image was taken in July 2013 when Jade was 30 weeks pregnant.

The full-time single mum said: ‘The lips are puckering up as if he's about to kiss her on the cheek You can make out the eyes, nose and mouth so clearly.'

Jade first noticed the face when she showed the pictures to her mum who instantly recognised Jack.

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#3 Lacey-Mae Head, who will be two next month, was born in October 2013 at Queens Hospital, Romford, weighing 6lbs 6oz.

The 4D scan a scientific triumph that allows parents the chance to see their baby's features before they are born wasn't actually intended as a receptacle for seeing dead relatives, but it certainly is an added bonus. You wouldn't get that kind of detail in an ultrasound