Mum Shocked After Cracking Strange Discoloured Egg Into Her Frying Pan

By Abdul Rafay in Food Published On 18th January 2022

To her amazement, the rest of them were unharmed, so she took a picture of the pink egg and posted it online, where others warned her not to eat it, according to Herts Live.

Beena told her kids to keep away while she conducted some research. It found out that the egg had become pink because of a germ that can cause significant sickness in people.

Credit: Beena Sarangdhar

Beena said: "I fancied some egg yesterday and cracked open the egg in the frying pan as normal.”

"Then as it fell into the pan I screamed as I have never seen a pink egg before.”

"The kids came running to see what had happened and their reaction was typical, [they went] 'errrr'."

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Beena later discovered that the other eggs were alright, but it was something she had never seen before.

She added: "I then cracked the other two eggs from the same box but they were normal.”

"It was really weird because they were in date and just the last few left. Bought them from the local Asda in Watford.”

"It did put me off for a second but after that everyone fancied some egg on toast!"

A cloudy egg white indicates that the egg is very fresh, whereas a clear egg white indicates that the egg is getting older, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

However, pink or pearly egg whites indicate Pseudomonas bacteria deterioration, which can cause headaches, swelling, and pneumonia.