Mom Wants Teen Daughter To Get Plastic Surgery Because 'Ugly People Get Nowhere'

By Aleena in Real Life Published On 20th November 2023
The mum previously went viral for getting a nose job on the NHS Image: @pixbygiovanni

In 2019, Carla Bellucci got labeled as 'Britain's most hated woman' for lying about being depressed to get a free nose job from the NHS.

On ITV's This Morning, she admitted, "I'm going to say the truth. I lied but I do work. I was born here, I feel like I've not really done anything wrong."


Despite enduring public backlash and being labeled a 'NHS freeloader' by Phillip Schofield, among others, Bellucci remains resolute in her desire for her daughter to undergo cosmetic surgery, seemingly endorsing a pattern she set herself.

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The mom, hailing from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, made headlines in 2019 advocating for her 14-year-old daughter to have plastic surgery, believing that physical appearance determines success, stating that "ugly people don't go far."

Carla claimed her girl Tanisha, who is now 18, was not a natural scholar and instead encouraged her to work on her looks.

The mum says 'ugly people get nowhere' Image: SWNS

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said: "Tanisha isn't the most academic of girls, so I don't really care about her education, unlike with my boys.

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"She will need to rely on her looks to get on in life so she will need to be perfect. Ugly people get nowhere these days.

At the moment she loves the Kardashian look with the big bum and boobs and pouty lips. She's going to get fillers when she is 16, which I fully support."

The ex-glamour model didn't stop at just one suggestion—she pushed her daughter toward breast implants and veneers, according to The Sun.

Shockingly, she even supported the idea of a risky Brazilian bum lift despite its danger (a procedure claiming the lives of one in 3,000 patients).

Carla, 37, got her nose job on the NHS after pretending to have mental health problems Credit: Carla Bellucci

In an interview with Closer, the mom openly critiqued her daughter's appearance, deeming her bum 'very flat' and in need of improvement, pledging to finance her daughter's surgeries by saving money and shamelessly considering NHS coverage for the procedures.

The mom spent approximately £200 monthly to enhance Tanisha's appearance, splurging on hair extensions, nail care, and eyebrow treatments.

Tanisha had future plans for fillers and Botox at 16, followed by breast implants at 18, as per her mom.

Whether these plans were carried out remains uncertain.


At the end of 2022, it was revealed that the teen was considering joining OnlyFans once she was old enough, like her mum.

Carla said of her daughter's future: "She is still figuring it out. She has always said she wanted an OnlyFans once she hits 18. I asked her yesterday and she's really thinking about it. I told her she has to think hard about the decision because it does stay with you and I will forever be known as the mum on OnlyFans. Obviously she wants to go on Love Island, she wants to go up there and that's her big thing."

Carla believes her teen daughter's bum is one area that 'needs improving', noting that it's 'very flat' Credit: Ray Collins

Carla, a former glamour model, initially sought nose surgery at a Harley Street clinic, quoted at £6,000, a price she wasn't willing to pay.

Instead, she persuaded her GP to refer her to the NHS, where she obtained the procedure for free. Astonishingly, she continues to defend her controversial actions.


Tanisha, her daughter, supports her mother's decisions, aspiring to be like her.

She admires Carla's choices and dreams of fame, aiming to follow a path that might lead her to shows like Love Island.

"I know what I want and I'll find the best way to get it," the teen concluded. "Surgery doesn't worry me. Mum's had it and she's fine."

In other news, Carla's sons revealed their embarrassment at their friends 'fancying their mum' as she 'won't cover it up' in saucy Instagram snaps.

And she's not the only mum causing embarrassment - as Liz Hurley wore a very revealing dress for her son Damien's birthday.

And this mum and daughter are mistaken for sisters - despite their age gap.