Must-Have Silicone Items Every Kitchen Needs And You Didn't Even Know It

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Food On 22nd February 2018

Nowadays, there are all kinds of great little doo-hickeys for the kitchen. Among that latest in kitchen trends are silicone items that have all kinds of good uses. We put together a list of must-have kitchen items that will change the way you cook forever.



Remember that one time that you left your spoon in the pot for a second and went to grab it and damn near melted the skin from your hand? You never have to worry about that with silicone utensils. They can withstand heat up to 400 degrees, so they do not melt when left in a hot pot, and you will not have to worry about burning yourself on them.


Muffin Cups

You will never want to use another paper muffin cup again in your life. Not only do your muffins pop right out of these, even if you did not grease them, but they also stand upright, so you do not even need to use your muffin pans. They clean up easily and can go in the dishwasher. They are a true lifesaver.


Muffin Pans

If you think muffin cups are great, wait until you try a silicone muffin pan. They never need to be greased up no matter what you are baking inside them. That makes your food taste better because you did not have to add cooking spray to the pan before adding your batter. When your food is done, just push the bottom up and pop it right out. No muss, no fuss.

Bread Pan

If you are an avid breadmaker, a silicone bread pan is a must. Again, you do not have to grease this just like the muffin pan. Plus, your bread will pop right out. Most even have these grooves on the bottom of the pan making your bread a little more fancy than others.


Baking Mat

These silicone baking mats are amaze-balls! You can use them to line your pans in lieu of foil or parchment paper. I bake everything from pizza to cookies to french fries on mine. Nothing sticks to them and they wash up very easily. They are a true life saver if you have big batches of cookies to bake.

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