Mysterious Doors In Great Pyramid Of Giza Hiding ‘Secrets’ To Be Unlocked For First Time

By Abdul Rafay in News On 1st December 2023
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Archaeologists still find ancient Egypt to be one of the most intriguing historical periods, and it is now hoped to uncover some of its mysteries related to the pyramids.

Zahi Hawass, the former Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, has enthusiastically expressed his expectations for a forthcoming expedition that would go further beneath the Giza pyramids.


Seemingly embracing his inner Rick O'Connell, Hawass has expressed his desire to learn the mysteries of the Khufu Pyramid.

In an interview with The US Sun, he said that there are a number of doors that are challenging to open and nobody is sure where they go.

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Even though he had previously discovered several findings within the Great Pyramid of Khufu, he still had more questions that needed to be answered, he observed.

“I think, until now, the secret doors that I found inside the Great Pyramid are really a discovery that needs many questions and many answers,” he told the publication.


"Inside the Great Pyramid, I found the so-called three doors. One on the south entrance of the second chamber that has two copper handles.”

“Twenty-one centimeters behind that one we found a second one and in the northern tunnel, we found the third door with two copper handles.”

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"On December 5th I'm leading a team, to see, to discover, and to answer the questions about these doors."

Hawass has written before about the fascination with the pyramids and stated that because of its extremely intricate interior, the Khufu pyramid is still favored by archaeologists.

In reference to his future, Oscar-worthy journey on December 5th, he stated that finding additional doors or passages could contribute to a better comprehension of the reasoning behind the inner construction of the pyramids.

“We are planning to clean the south shaft from outside to learn if it does open to the outside,” he said.

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“If it does, then it is possible that it was a symbolic door for the king to use in crossing to the Netherworld.”

“If it is sealed, we have to return to the Westcar Papyri and read how Khufu was looking for the documents of the god Thoth to help him with the design of his pyramid.”

“Only further research into the shafts can reveal their function, solving one of the many mysteries of the Great Pyramid."

All we can do is hope the renowned archaeologist doesn't find any scarabs that devour flesh. Best wishes to him.


As we approach December 5th, Zahi Hawass stands on the brink of history, set to explore the secrets hidden beneath the Khufu Pyramid and possibly rewrite the narrative of ancient Egypt.

This expedition isn't just a scientific endeavor; it embodies our inherent curiosity and the timeless human quest for knowledge, reaching across generations.


The world is holding its breath in anticipation, hopeful that the doors within the Khufu Pyramid will open and unveil ancient truths that have remained obscured for thousands of years.

In the unfolding of this exploration, there's a sense of excitement and optimism, with the potential to unearth discoveries that could reshape our understanding of the rich tapestry of ancient Egyptian civilization.