Neighbor Tries To Kidnap 18-Month Old After She Allegedly Snatches Him From Mom's Front Lawn And Refuses To Give Him Back

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53-year-old Ann Orr allegedly picked up her neighbor's baby from her front yard and took him into her house. The woman refused to give the baby back even to the Police and eventually the officials had to use force to get the baby back. The woman has been arrested on kidnapping charges. The incident has sparked an online debate on social media with many people siding with Ann claiming that she must have felt that the child was in danger that she took such an extreme step. While some people are calling her crazy for snatching away a stranger's kid without their permission.


#1 53 Year Old Florida Woman In Trouble With The Law

53-year-old Ann Orr is in serious trouble with the law after the Florida woman allegedly tried to kidnap her neighbor's 18-month old baby. It is reported, on Monday afternoon, Pasco County deputies responded to a call from a mom who frantically explained that her neighbor has kidnapped her baby. According to the desperate mom, the woman picked her son up and carried him out of the family’s front yard.

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#2 Ann Ignored Everyone's Pleas And Refused To Give The Baby Back

Ann took the baby to her home and refused to give the baby back. She didn't even respond to mom's desperate pleas to get her baby back. After mom failed to get her baby back, she got authorities involved who tried to ease Ann out of the house.

Even after the authorities were involved, Ann ignored their pleas too and didn't respond to any orders from the Police. Ann later told the Police that she took the baby away because she thought that the mother was unfit to care for the child. Officials tried to convince Ann to open the dorrs for several minutes.


#3 Convicted On Kidnapping Charges

Eventually, they had to arrest Ann by force and took her into custody. It is reported Ann has since been arrested and charged with kidnapping a child under the age of 13 and resisting arrest without violence.


#4 Social Media Has Raised Some Important Questions Over The Story

After the story was released on social media, it sparked a debate among online users. With many suggesting that maybe the neighbor was correct, as one user commented, "An 18-month-old doesn't belong in the front yard by itself. Nobody sees a problem with that. The woman probably had a reason but should have called police or CPS and not tried to handle it herself. You can't just take someone's kid."

While another wrote, "Let’s say the mom was outside with her child, why did the neighbor have enough time to get into her own house with the kid? I would’ve beat Olympic records running to get my kid out of someone’s arms if they tried to take her."

#5 An Online Debate Sparked Over The Incident

Some people suggested that Ann had no right to take someone else's baby without permission, "Must be a reason why she did in the first place. Did she believe the child was in danger? She should have called the cops. Not her place to take another child. Unless that child is In Harm's Way."

Some people also pointed out that if Ann was not the guilty one here then why did she not responded to officials pleas to release the baby, "If mom was nowhere around then how did she know her neighbor came up and snatched her kid then went into her home next door? I'm more concerned about why this lady felt if she was doing a good deed how come she refused to give the baby to cops as soon as they came knocking? How come she started fighting with them?"