Neighbor Tries To Kidnap 18-Month Old After She Allegedly Snatches Him From Mom's Front Lawn And Refuses To Give Him Back

Posted by Sama in News On 17th February 2018

#5 An Online Debate Sparked Over The Incident

Some people suggested that Ann had no right to take someone else's baby without permission, "Must be a reason why she did in the first place. Did she believe the child was in danger? She should have called the cops. Not her place to take another child. Unless that child is In Harm's Way."

Some people also pointed out that if Ann was not the guilty one here then why did she not responded to officials pleas to release the baby, "If mom was nowhere around then how did she know her neighbor came up and snatched her kid then went into her home next door? I'm more concerned about why this lady felt if she was doing a good deed how come she refused to give the baby to cops as soon as they came knocking? How come she started fighting with them?"

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