Netflix Users Say New Series Is So Good If It's Cancelled They're 'Deleting The App Forever'

By Harsh Rana in Movies & TV On 9th July 2024

There's a new show on Netflix that's proving to be so captivating that fans are threatening to delete the streaming service if it doesn’t return for more seasons.

And when you think about the sheer amount of content available on Netflix, it's pretty remarkable that viewers are willing to give it all up for just one series.

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This new series comes from the UK, but it’s far from the typical prim-and-proper world of Bridgerton.

Instead, it takes place in modern-day South London and follows a group of ordinary people who suddenly realize they have superpowers.

The premise might sound a bit far-fetched, but fans have found themselves completely hooked ever since the show premiered on Netflix.

The show stars Tosin Cole, Nadine Mills, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Calvin Demba, and Josh Tedeku, among others.

Rapman's series features an all-Black cast Netflix

It was created by British musician-turned-filmmaker Andrew Onwubolu, who is better known by his stage name, Rapman.

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In an interview with Variety, Rapman shared that he’d ‘always loved the superhero stuff’, but growing up in South London, he felt that the stories in movies never ‘reflected a reality’ for him.

"I got asked what I wanted to do next and I said I wanted to do a sci-fi in which someone from where we come from gets powers. And that was the first time I’d said it out loud," Rapman recalled.

Soon after, he set his dream into motion and created a superhero show that mirrors ‘a reality’.

"I grew up in South London and saw people like the characters in the show," he said.

"So I remember thinking, if this show does get made, and they let me make it the way I want to make it, with the gore, with the blood, with the shock factor, that this could be a show where, going forward, you could have Apple saying, 'We’d like one of those!'

"Or Amazon saying they should get an ethnic sci-fi as well. Because, when has there ever been an all-ethnic, not even just Black, cast from Britain?

Rapman wanted the show to be based in 'reality' Netflix

"I’ve never seen one. I just hope that if this does well, it’s going to open a lot of doors. And that’s why I’m feeling the pressure, because it’s not just me - it could change British TV."

With Supacell now available to watch on Netflix, it’s safe to say that Rapman’s hopes that it ‘does well’ have come true.

Fans have been raving about the show, describing it as a ‘10/10’, and many are already begging for more episodes.

"I literally just watched the whole series waiting on the second.. it was a 10/10," one viewer wrote.

Another fan added, "Definitely need them to drop part 2 asap. if Netflix cancels this I’m deleting the app forever..."

You heard them, Rapman - make season two happen!

Supacell is available to stream on Netflix now.