Never Before Seen Photos Of The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial Crime Scene

Posted by Michael Avery in History On 26th July 2017

The O.J. Simpson murder trial captured the attention of the entire country. never before had an event been covered so thoroughly. Every success, every failure, every detail was captured and put on display for all to see. The trial made household names out of the likes of Robert Kardashian, Marcia Clark, Robert Shapiro, and of course Johnny Cochran. But one thing that wasn't displayed was the bloody photos of the crime scene. Take a trip back in time and see these rarely seen photos. Warning the images you are about to see are graphic.



It was one of the most gruesome and notorious crimes of the century. In June 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were left slaughtered in pools of their own blood, reportedly by the hands of Brown Simpson’s former husband, O.J. Simpson. Although he was never convicted of their murders, it’s widely believed that Simpson, who’s up for parole this week on unrelated charges, killed Brown Simpson and Goldman.



On the cusp of Simpson’s upcoming parole hearing, the following photos (viewer discretion advised) serve as a grim reminder of the monstrous murders committed by the hands of someone who still to this day, has not been criminally-charged.



Simpson was acquitted on murder charges, but in February 1997, a Santa Monica Superior Court jury found Simpson liable for the deaths of both Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson in a civil trial. The jury awarded Simpson’s mother and Goldman’s parents $33.5 million, which included $8.5 million in compensatory damages and $12.5 million in punitive damages.


LA Times reported that the civil trial was quite different from Simpson’s criminal trial. The jury heard about detectives reportedly signing book deals, Simpson failing a lie detector test, and Brown Simpson calling a shelter for help days before the murder.



During the civil trial deposition, Simpson spoke out about the murders for the first time under oath. He declined to take the stand during his criminal trial. For 13 days, Attorney Daniel Petrocelli questioned Simpson during the deposition and at one point, Simpson claimed he didn’t remember where he was on the night of the murders.

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