Never Buy Donuts Ever Again. Here's How You Can Make Them At Home Using Just 2 Ingredients

By Michael Avery in Food On 15th November 2016

Fresh donuts are truly one of the best foods around.


Obviously, we can't eat them every day, but we like to indulge from time to time.

They're just so good!

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If you're like us, you enjoy the occasional donut, and there's an easy way to make them at home.


You don't have to run to the bakery or to your grocery store for fresh donuts.

They're easy to make right in your kitchen. And it only requires only two ingredients!

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The only things you'll need are a tube of buttermilk biscuits and some vegetable oil.

That's it!

Open the tube and fashion the biscuit dough into the shape of a donut.


Heat up a frying pan over medium heat, then add some vegetable oil.

When the oil is hot, place in your biscuits.

Fry each side until they're golden brown.


Cover them with your favorite toppings and you're done!

Things like powdered sugar, cinnamon, and other delicious toppings can be used. Feel free to get creative.


These are so simple and so delicious.

We're never buying donuts at the store ever again!