New 12 Gauge Ammo Creates Holes Bigger Than Your Fist.

Posted by Michael Avery in Science and Technology On 2nd February 2016


We're talking home defense here.

And a hollow point slug is going to be better than buckshot for home defense, right? Too bad that doesn't exist though. Just have to settle for buckshot I guess.



Well, hold on there. It's time to meet a 12 gauge bad to the bone mother put out by OATH Ammunition. Yep, we're talking an actual brass cased 12 gauge round that will expand to about two and a half inches of total annihilation! Take a look at this:



Allowing for more consistent feeding of ammo is the big payoff with using brass casings in magazine fed shotguns.

No question about it though. A 2.5 inch hole popped into that intruder who breaks into your home will absolutely prevent the scumbag from doing harm to your family or getting away with stealing your hard earned property. But if you don't like these rounds, you can always just load up like this:

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