New Organ Has Just Been Discovered In The Human Body After Scientists Had Missed It For Thousands Of Years

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology On 3rd April 2018

Shock absorber

While searching for cancer signs in patient's bile duct Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center medics Dr. David Carr-Locke and Dr. Petros Benias came across the interstitium which acts as a shock absorber where tissues are moved or subjected to force. Thirteen patients participate in this study between July 2012 and Dec 2013. The study was conducted with the approval of Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center) Institutional Review Board (IRB).


NYU Langone Health co-senior author Neil Theise, MD, says:

"This fixation artifact of collapse has made a fluid-filled tissue type throughout the body appear solid in biopsy slides for decades, and our results correct for this to expand the anatomy of most tissues."


Implications for future cancer research

The researcher says the discovery of the fluid 'highway' could help to explain how cancer cells can travel through these spaces to attack our lymph nodes and it could have huge implications for future cancer research.

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