Newborn Baby 'Comes Back From The Dead' At The Funeral After Being Sprinkled With Holy Water

By maks in News On 17th April 2024

At a wake, a baby girl astounded her family by showing signs of life, an event her relatives are calling a "miracle."

Last Friday, on April 12, the infant's 21-year-old mother was rushed to the hospital due to breathing difficulties during her 32nd week of pregnancy. 

Because she wasn't getting enough oxygen, doctors opted for an emergency caesarean section to save both the mother and the baby.

After the surgery, the devastating news that the baby girl showed no signs of life and was declared deceased reached her family.

The hospital released the baby's body to father Ignacio Medina Vega (left), who put his daughter in a tiny coffin and organised a modest funeral LaLupa Py

They obtained a death certificate and prepared for her funeral by purchasing a small coffin.

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The hospital handed over the baby's body to her father, Ignacio Medina Vega.

During the wake, after the newborn was sprinkled with holy water, an uncle noticed she moved her head.


Ignacio shared with local media, "When the uncle came to say goodbye, he saw the baby moving her head and noticed she was breathing."

He also mentioned, "We looked closer and could see her little heart beating."

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The family wasted no time and rushed the baby back to the Regional Hospital of Ciudad del Este, in the city bearing the same name.

There, doctors placed her in an incubator in the intensive care unit, where she continues to fight for her life.

But during the wake, her uncle saw the baby move her head after being sprinkled with holy water (pictured: the coffin the baby was lying in) LaLupa Py

Her father recounted, "She started crying when a doctor touched her. The doctors said it was a miracle. It’s shocking because we were nearly about to bury her alive."

It's believed that the infant was in the coffin for more than four hours, with the lid closed for approximately half of that time.

After this unexpected 'resurrection,' her parents have chosen to name her Milagros de Jesús, which means Miracle of Jesus. This was reported by What'sTheJam.


Currently, doctors are investigating why she was initially declared dead.

Hospital spokesperson Federico Schrodel explained that they are considering catalepsy as a possible explanation.

Catalepsy is marked by an unresponsive state, loss of consciousness, and rigidity, making it seem as though there are no vital signs.

He added, "Given her premature state, this kind of thing can happen, where the patient shows practically no vital signs."