Newborn’s Cry Saves Mother’s Life!

By Teresa Thomerson in Amazing On 20th September 2015


Shelly Cawley was giving birth to her baby boy Rylan when she fell into a coma. Doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia prior to her delivery, and that it was due to a blood clot that had formed in her leg. This diagnosis lead to a life-threatening condition called HELLP syndrome. So the Doctors only option was to deliver the baby by emergency c-section.


Shelly told the doctors that she was scared she wasn't going to wake up. Soon after the surgery began she fell into a coma. With baby Rylan's healthy birth, the excess weight removal caused the blood clot in Shelly's leg to migrate to her lung. Doctor's feared she wasn't going to make it. She was hanging on by a thread.

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Ashley Manus, Rylan's nurse, and others on Cawley's medical team came up with the idea to lay new-born Rylan on his mom's chest. The skin-to-skin method is used to reinforce the mother-baby bond, but in this case, it was the other way around. Shelly showed that when baby Rylan was laying on her chest, there was a sudden spike in her vitals. This continued for an entire week, with Shelly's vitals showing improvements every time.


Seven days after giving birth, eight days after falling into a coma, Shelly Cawley opened her eyes. Rylan made all the difference,the couple said. "In my heart I like to think that," said Manus, the nurse.

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A year later, both mom and baby are healthy.