News Anchor Gives Viewers An Eyeful On Live Tv After Forgetting She's Sitting At A Glass Desk

By maks in News On 1st May 2024

Journalist Costanza Calabrese experienced a startling mishap on live TV that not only amused viewers but also evoked their sympathy.

While delivering the news on a late-night broadcast for the TV channel TG 5 in 2016, Calabrese was seated behind a clear desk.


Unknowingly, she recreated a scene reminiscent of "Basic Instinct," which quickly captured the internet's attention.

The broadcast initially zoomed in on her face and shoulders, focusing on her as she presented the news.

But as the segment progressed, the camera slowly began to zoom out, gradually revealing more of the studio setting.

However, as she continued, the camera slowly zoomed out, revealing more of the setting.

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Unaware of the desk's transparency, Costanza sat with her legs apart.

This positioning, combined with the clear nature of the desk, failed to conceal anything below her waist. 


As the camera pulled further back, it inadvertently gave viewers a far more revealing look than anyone, particularly Costanza, had anticipated.

An amused viewer quickly captured this unexpected reveal and uploaded it to YouTube.

The video quickly went viral, amassing over 6 million views and sparking diverse reactions from the audience.

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One viewer expressed empathy, commenting: "Poor woman! Surely her producers should have let her know something was up!"

This remark highlighted a significant oversight by the production team.

Another viewer, puzzled by the incident, asked: "How was her dress so high in the first place?"

In a lighter vein, a third viewer humorously invoked journalism ethics, stating: 


"When in journalism class they teach you that you have to be transparent and not hide anything. Number one."

A fourth viewer appreciated the unintended humor, saying: "Thank you, Costanza. That's beautiful."

This incident did more than just go viral; it sparked discussions about the responsibilities of production crews in avoiding such blunders.

It also highlighted the impacts these live TV mishaps can have on the professionals involved.

This incident prompted conversations about the delicate balance between transparency and privacy in broadcast journalism.