Nine Brilliant Ways We Can Contribute In Stopping World Hunger

By Muk Khatri in Feel Good On 12th October 2015

#1 Let's join hands in fighting world hunger. It is amazing what your little effort can do.

#2 The Hand Of Love

Picture Courtesy : Mike Wells According to The Hunger Project, some shocking facts you should know about world hunger: 1. Hunger kills more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. 2. Every 10 seconds, a child dies from hunger-related diseases. 3. 60% of world's hungry people are women. 4. 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing countries, with 23 million in Africa alone. The present and future of the world is dying due to hunger. So, it's high time. Let's make good happen. Here are the best ways we can make that happen.

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#3 Meals On Wheels

What if the food wheels/vans cross your street once a day to pick up the food you have in access to feed the hungry. Take a step forward and initiate this idea. Locally and economically this is the best way to start with. No one should die of hunger.

#4 Food Donations

Food For All is a non-profit organisation founded by volunteers from food industry. Shoppers donate $1, $3 or $5 at the checkout of their neighborhood grocery store that will go to a local charity. What are you waiting for? Visit the nearby grocery store, shop and donate heartily.

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#5 Access to Credit

Many organisations are helping in poor countries to gain access to credit. These credit loans gets repaid and have created many industries, such as farms, also developing those nations economically.

#6 Local Food Banks

Many places in your locality provide food for free (like Gurudwara) or food at a concessional rate. Let's join hands with them, after all Food Banks also love raising funds.

#7 Education

Education is the best weapon against poverty and hunger. As per latest analysis of 2013 federal data, a majority of U.S. public school students are poor and the federal programs provide them free and reduced lunch prices. Isn't that amazing to know that poor people send their children to school for the free midday lunch in developing countries?

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#8 Transitioning

Hungry people would not wish to beg but have no other option. Many families dealing with hunger and poverty need help transitioning into a state of self-dependence. 15 Feeds Family provides them with free food and slowly find solutions to empower them to be self-sufficient as it allows for a certain food income, when relying on donations does not guarantee food.

#9 Corporate Voluntary Funding

Voluntary funding by employees and the employer by setting up a separate fund account in a company can make up to raise the funds and resolve the world hunger. But make sure that your funds are approved and legal. You don't want to end up in jail for trying to end world hunger!

#10 Join them

There are many non-profit organisations that are helping feed the world hunger. Joining hands with them will be a great start. Few of the best known are Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Borgen Project, Feeding America, Food Bank for New York City, Action Against Hunger, Meals On Wheels, The Hunger Project etc.

#11 Wasting No Food

We all love having food and most of us like me are foodies! But still we end our meal with wasting some stuff food and dumping it into the dustbin. Imagine the people who are starving for food and donating them the food that we don't need. Remember, Sharing is Caring.

#12 We need to do something.

Hungry people aren't vampires they can't eat animals or human flesh. They need food. And ultimately what matters is self-satisfaction and joy of sharing with what you have. Play your part, there is a lot we can do. "The world is starving And so are we, Many for the food, And many for owns greed, Where are we?"