North Dakota Man Who Raped 3-Month-Old Girl And Fractured Her Ribs Gets Only Four Years Jail Time

Posted by Sama in News On 25th November 2020

Andrew Glasser, 33, has been given four years jail time and additional five years on parole for causing life-threatening injuries to a 3-months old baby after he raped and abused her.


The news that we read on social media every day shouldn't even surprise me now. It is time we accept that this world is the most dangerous place where the real monsters are humans only. 

This North Dakota pedophile was accused of raping and abusing a 3-month old girl and he gets only 4-years of jail time. 

Andrew Glasser, 33, from Bismarck, caused ‘significant injury’ to a three-month-old girl whom he assaulted and raped.

Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office

The heartbreaking incident came to notice when the baby was brought to a hospital. She had several injuries that raised suspicion.

Examination by doctors revealed that the poor child had severely fractured ribs because of squeezing. Trauma wounds were present on other body parts too. 

During that time it was still unclear how Glasser was related to this incident. Doctors however got suspicious when the man failed to convince them with enough evidence. 

Glasser claimed he accidentally hurt the baby when he pushed her legs and stomach to ‘relieve gas.’ But he couldn’t come up with an explanation for the sexual assault injuries.


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Police soon arrested the sick pedophile. Police later found that the man had factory reset his phone to wipe his search history. 

An investigation by forensic analysts revealed that he had downloaded several child pornography for quite some time.

Julie Lawyer, the Burleigh County State’s Attorney, said examiners also found several images of child pornography on his phone.

With so much evidence pointing towards the culprit, Glasser was bound to get convicted. 

Glasser got Alford plea meaning that he was not going to plea to his case, but agreed that there is enough evidence. 

The defense attorney added:

His life is over as he knows it.

Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office

In his court trial, Glasser told the judge:

I’m trying to get my life back after it stopped on a dime two years ago.

Glasser's lawyers revealed at the court that he wants to apologize to all the victim families and and requested a probation sentence.

But Reich said that he had to incarcerate Glasser, else he would be failing in his duty. Judge Reich added that he found the case ‘troubling’ and pointing out:

I keep coming back to the victim. This is a very young, helpless victim.

Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office

Glasser has now gotten four years of prison time and in addition to the imprisonment, Glasser had to spend five years on probation.

Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office