Nose Hair Extensions Are A Thing Now And We Are Totally Over It Already

Posted by Michael Avery in Fashion On 10th October 2017

There are more crazy beauty trends out there than we can count, but that doesn't mean that they don't leave us shocked, disturbed, or grossed out from time to time. These nose hair extensions are far from the exception.


Instagram user @gret_chen_chen has attempted a beauty look that I can't say I'm at all on board with.

It looks like she just fixed some false eyelashes onto the inside of her nose, and the finished look is sending chills up my spine.


We're really hoping that this doesn't become a trend and that she's just playing around here.

It's definitely adventurous, that's for sure.


But considering that things like "feathered eyebrows" became a trend, I'm convinced that anything is possible.

Check out some more horrible fashion trends that actually were/are popular.

Overdrawn Lips

AKA the Kylie Jenner lip. Look, there is NOTHING wrong with big lips. Big lips are awesome. But this really fake, overdrawn look is going to be something we look back on and giggle at.


Ombre Brows

Maybe overly neat and gradient power brows like this. More power to whoever's in the pic but people need to accept that it doesn't fit every face. Some people on makeup subs look so dumb with them, everyone tells them they look great...but no.

I think of this eyebrow look as the Instagram brow - it looks great in pictures, but in real life, it tends to look like it's just too much. And it takes a lot of work! I personally like natural-looking eyebrows a lot better than this, although some people can definitely pull it off. But I can definitely see our obsession with brows cooling down.

Extreme Contouring

Contouring is something that has been around forever and will be around forever, especially for celebrities. But there's contouring, and then there's extreme contouring, where literally every inch of your face is packed with makeup. I think extreme contouring is going to lose its popularity, and we're all going to wonder why we liked to wear THAT much makeup.


Power Brows

"Power Brows" are an epidemic, and it needs to be controlled! -slams fist on the table- Hard, defined brows on a strong facial structure that they complement (kind of like their eyebrows are continuing the "defined" trend their face started), or thicker, dark brows on an individual with similar hair? Okay, I'll bite. But insisting that everyone do the dipbrow dance regardless of their skin tone, hair texture, face shape, or face structure? No. Eyebrows are not "one size fits all."


Thigh Gap

Not exactly a "beauty" trend, but worth mentioning. I promise, one day we won't care about the space between your thighs.

Foil Brows

Got a bit overzealous with the tweezers? Don’t stress. The latest brow trend isn’t dependent on having a thick, luscious forest of hairs sitting atop your lids. Instead, it’s all about crafting your own brows out of foil. Or plastic. Or anything else shiny and usually used to store leftovers in the fridge. Just no!


Squiggly Brows

This trend is more recent but it's gotten totally out of hand. It just looks stupid and anyone who does it should be ashamed of themselves.

Glitter Brow

Not only is this trend stupid, it's also dangerous. If you happen to get a loose piece of glitter stuck in your eye it can lead to infection and possible eye sight loss. Just don't take the chance.


Braided Brow

Who the hell in their right mind thought this was a good idea? Hey, braided hair looks good so why not my eyebrows? Jesus people just stop it!

Would you try out the nose hair extensions or any of these other trends? Or would you take a hard pass?

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