Nose Hair Extensions Are A Thing Now And We Are Totally Over It Already

Posted by Michael Avery in Fashion On 10th October 2017

There are more crazy beauty trends out there than we can count, but that doesn't mean that they don't leave us shocked, disturbed, or grossed out from time to time. These nose hair extensions are far from the exception.

Instagram user @gret_chen_chen has attempted a beauty look that I can't say I'm at all on board with.

It looks like she just fixed some false eyelashes onto the inside of her nose, and the finished look is sending chills up my spine.


We're really hoping that this doesn't become a trend and that she's just playing around here.

It's definitely adventurous, that's for sure.

But considering that things like "feathered eyebrows" became a trend, I'm convinced that anything is possible.

Check out some more horrible fashion trends that actually were/are popular.


Overdrawn Lips

AKA the Kylie Jenner lip. Look, there is NOTHING wrong with big lips. Big lips are awesome. But this really fake, overdrawn look is going to be something we look back on and giggle at.

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