Nurse Goes Viral With Her 'Magic Trick' For Giving Kids Shots Gets A Lot Of Love On The Internet

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Amazing On 5th January 2018

A viral video of a nurse performing a finger prick and giving three injections to one brave little boy has the internet cheering.

One nurse's viral "magic trick" for giving kids shots is getting mad love from parents online.

It's worth a watch for anyone who's ever dreaded taking their doctor to the pediatrician.


Tiffany Shelby Marshall posted a video of the nurse to her Facebook on Dec. 29, praising her for all she did through the boy's appointment.

"This was by far the funniest thing I've ever seen with this kid. I almost peed myself," Tiffany wrote on Facebook. "THIS NURSE WAS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!"

The simple way she does it is a lot of conversation, a couple of big hugs and it’s clear she absolutely loves her job.

Once she was ready, the nurse asked, "Can you come sit right here for me? Because we're going to paint — I'm going to show you a magic trick and then we're going to paint."

we’re gonna make circles on this paper right here,” she tells him. “You ready?”


The nurse counted to three and gave him the injection with no tears, just a big hug.

She pricks the boy's finger and tells him to "watch the magic" as she has him "paint" a red circle onto a piece of paper. "I didn't cry!" the boy announces.

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