Obese Man Decides To Make A Change After Getting Rejected By His Crush And Goes On To Lose 165 Pounds

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Obesity is an epidemic nowadays. In the United States alone, 35% of men and 40% of women are classified as obese. Some people choose to live with it, but more and more people seem to be making an effort to make a change to either improve their health or to just make themselves feel better about the way they look.

People who are obese go through a lot of challenges. They suffer with failing health and deal with people who think it is okay to fat shame them. It is really hard to be obese. There is nothing worse than getting your heart broken because of how you look.


Mos Satapor is from Bangkok, Thailand and is a hopeless romantic who decided to make a change after his crush turned him down. At the time, he weighed 342lbs and was always teased about his weight. His own friends were notorious for making him the butt of all of their jokes.


The Motivation

It was not until Mos was rejected by the woman he had feelings for that he decided he could no longer live the same lifestyle any longer. The woman had rejected him solely because of the way that he looked. He finally realized that he was scaring off women instead of attracting them and decided to make a change.

No One Wanted Him

This was not the only woman who rejected him because he does not take care of himself. Many others have rejected him as well. Any woman he found himself attracted to never felt the same way about him. He realized that it was because he was six feet tall and 342lbs. His BMI classified him as obese, a fact that was hard for Mos to take.


Making A Change

Mos started to realize that women preferred a man who was more slim and toned. After his last rejection by a woman, he decided to make a change and strived to have a body that most girls would be attracted to.

Mos used to indulge himself in foods that were rich in sodium and carbohydrates. He started to eat lean meats and other foods that were rich in protein instead. He also increased the number of vegetables that he ate and drank lots and lots of water.

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