Obese Woman Who Was Too Heavy To Be Lifted To Safety Loses 140lbs

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Amazing On 13th February 2018

This woman lost nearly 140lbs after a terrifying incident motivated her to lose weight.

Dominique Montgomery once devoured 5,000 calories per day. In some cases, she would even have 1,000 calorie shakes for dessert.

By eating fast foods she reached a weight of 298lbs.


Her turning point came when she became trapped during a rising tide in early 2015.

She explained: "I was swimming around at the beach with some friends, feeling great, when all of a sudden, the tide got high."

"Everyone managed to push themselves out of the water onto some rocks, but I was stuck because I wasn’t physically able to lift myself out."

"Everyone tried to help, but I was too heavy."


Terrified by the incident she became determined to change.

She Added: "If I couldn’t even help myself out the water, then what was I doing with my life? There were strong feelings of shame and disappointment, after realizing how terribly out of shape I was. I completely changed everything after that day."

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