Olympians Viciously Body Shamed By Haters For Their Otherwise Fit And Healthy Bodies

Posted by Sama in Sports On 3rd February 2018

The standards of beauty set up by these bullies shows their level of thinking. These so-called perfectionists believe that a person who is thin like a matchstick has the perfect body or those who have flawless skin are the most beautiful and the list goes on and on. These insecure people have no sense of a healthy body and their bashing is also not limited to a specific gender. Do they even realize the effect their hateful words are having on the person targetted? In the past, a number of celebrities have committed suicide or have battled depression because of these hateful comments. We wonder if these so-called perfectionists ever look at themselves in the mirror, maybe they do that's why they post such spiteful comments from behind the screens because they don't have enough guts to face their own insecurities.


#1 Leslie Jones Mocked For Her Unflattering Swimsuit Look During "London Games," 2012

Unfortunately, the Olympians who are busy in getting medals for their country are also not spared from this vicious cycle of bullying and are fat shamed even when they are participating in events. Australian Swimmer Leslie John was brutally fat-shamed during London Games in 2012.

Jones physique was compared with her previous year looks. The swimmer was mocked on public forums for her unflattering swimsuit look. Crossing the limits, even one magazine had their front page cover of Leslie Jones with a humiliating caption asking if she could fit in her bikini. This shows the level of respect the country has for its national heroes. Triple Gold Medalist later opened up about the humiliating experience and said, "To be called fat by a male journalist was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with," she said. And to question yourself as an athlete and your self-worth and if you're good enough to be there was probably one of the hardest things. I think you sort of get a bit of a resilience, probably a thick skin out of it. Probably a little bit too thick skin. I didn't let anybody in."


#2 Alexa Moreno, A Mexican Gymnast Was Fat-Shamed During Rio, 2016

Moreno, 22 who ended up the 31st place in the artistic gymnastics qualifications was body-shamed by her so-called fans and was called rude names like a pig and "gorda" which translates to fat in Spanish and was told by her bullies that in her size almost 2 gymnasts could fit. According to NY Daily News, the Mexican gymnast weighed 99 pounds at the time.


#3 Ethiopian swimmer Robel Kiros Habte's Was Also The Target Of Fat-Shaming At Rio Games, 2016

Robel Kiros lost the Rio Olympics 2016 after he lost the men's 100-meter freestyle which was attributed to his heavyweight. Kiros admitted his defeat and stated, "The last 50 meters was much too hard for me. I want to be famous." But that didn't stop the online bullies from trampling him on his weight and mocking him publicly.

#4 Aly Raisman, Olympian Gymnast Faced Sexist Comments By A Male Fan

Aly Raisman's a two-time Olympic gymnast, an author and has been the Captain of the Fierce Five, called out a man for his sexist comments who told her that he does not see any muscles on her body and continued to stare her shamelessly. Raisman took to Twitter to call out man and said she found the whole experience "rude and uncomfortable" and tweeted, "If you're a man who can't compliment a girl's muscles, you are sexist. Get over yourself. Are you kidding me? It's 2017. When will this change?"


#5 Simon Biles Was Called Fat By Her Coach

The famous Olympic athlete and the author of a number of books, "Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion," "A Life in Balance," revealed in one of her books she was told by her coach that she is too fat that's why she lost the game. "You know why she crashed?" she revealed, quoting what her former coach said about her, "Because she’s too fat—that’s why. How does she expect to compete like that?"

Biles won 2016 Olympic individual all-around, vault and floor gold medalist, and balance beam bronze medalist but instead of appreciating her achievements the young athlete was trolled on Instagram and was told that apparently, her body is "box-shaped" and that she has "no neck," also she was told she does not perfect hair. Reading such vile comments, how much more low a person can stoop to make people feel bad about their bodies.

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