Olympians Viciously Body Shamed By Haters For Their Otherwise Fit And Healthy Bodies

Posted by Sama in Sports On 3rd February 2018

The standards of beauty set up by these bullies shows their level of thinking. These so-called perfectionists believe that a person who is thin like a matchstick has the perfect body or those who have flawless skin are the most beautiful and the list goes on and on. These insecure people have no sense of a healthy body and their bashing is also not limited to a specific gender. Do they even realize the effect their hateful words are having on the person targetted? In the past, a number of celebrities have committed suicide or have battled depression because of these hateful comments. We wonder if these so-called perfectionists ever look at themselves in the mirror, maybe they do that's why they post such spiteful comments from behind the screens because they don't have enough guts to face their own insecurities.

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