Once Cancelled Series Is Now One Of Netflix’s Most-Watched In The World

By Khadija Pervez in Movies On 29th November 2023
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Over the years, Netflix has developed a reputation for abruptly ending much-loved and popular shows, leaving many fans dismayed.

On the flip side, the streaming giant has also earned praise for rescuing TV shows that seemed to be on the brink of cancellation, injecting fresh energy and interest into them.


A prime illustration of this dynamic is "Manifest," a series centered around the passengers and crew of a commercial flight that mysteriously reappeared after a five-year absence.

"When a commercial airliner suddenly reappears after being missing for five years, those aboard must reintegrate into society," an official synopsis for the TV show reads.

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Peter Kramer/NBC

In the storyline, Montego Air Flight 828, en route from Montego Bay, Jamaica, to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, departed in April 2013.


However, it vanished without a trace until resurfacing in November 2018.

Upon landing in New York, government officials greeted all passengers and crew, delivering the stunning news that they had been considered missing for five and a half years and presumed dead during that period.

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Peter Kramer/NBC

"Manifest" initially premiered on NBC in 2018, but despite a proposal for a fourth season, the distributor decided to shelve the series after three seasons.

In a turn of events, just a few months after NBC canceled "Manifest" in June 2021, Netflix stepped in and acquired the rights, giving the green light for a fourth season. The show found a new home on the streaming service.

Since its transition to Netflix, "Manifest" has experienced immense success, emerging as one of the most-watched shows on the popular streaming platform. 

According to a Variety report in 2022, the opening episodes of the fourth season garnered an impressive 57.1 million hours viewed within the first three days of its availability.

Peter Kramer/NBC

The most recent season wrapped up in June, marking what was supposed to be the series finale.

Yet, with fans dubbing it the 'best' Netflix show, the future of "Manifest" remains uncertain, leaving room for unexpected possibilities.

"Manifest" Season Four has achieved a noteworthy 88 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, signifying a substantial success for the show's inaugural season on Netflix.

Nicole Gallucci, from the Decider, said: "Trust us. Manifest pulls out all the stops in its final batch of episodes to prove itself worthy of surviving its own Death Date back in 2021."


Meanwhile, Collider's Jay Snow penned: "Manifest is back and better than ever, fully taking advantage of its new life on Netflix to keep everyone on the edge of their seats until the final moment of this flight."


While Lauren Piester, from The Wrap, remarked: "Manifest Season 4 will not disappoint fans of the show, though it is likely to break their hearts and/or get those hearts racing."