'One-Hour Wife' Johnnie Davis Saw Her Husband Drop Dead Just Minutes After Saying 'I Do'

By maks in News On 30th January 2024

Tragically, her 48-year-old groom, Toraze, suffered a sudden collapse while they were capturing their happy moments in photographs outside the church where they had just exchanged their wedding vows.

This devastating incident occurred on June 19, 2023, a day that was meant to be a celebration of their love and commitment. Johnnie Davis was completely stunned. The sacred pledges they had just made to love, honor, and cherish each other until death parted them lasted a mere hour.

Davis was overwhelmed with disbelief that their newly formed bond of lifelong love was so abruptly shattered.


"Toraze turned to me and kept repeating, 'I can't breathe I'm so hot, I need some water,'" Davis, a 44-year-old mother of two from Omaha, Nebraska, shared with The Sun, recounting the harrowing tragedy.

She vividly remembered every detail of that fateful moment.

"He was wearing a suit and it was a hot day, and I thought that maybe he was having a panic attack," she added, trying to make sense of the situation.

Her initial thoughts were that the stress of the day and the heat might be affecting him.

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"He kept apologizing to me and telling me how much he loved me. I never imagined what would happen next."

Davis recalled these last moments with a heavy heart. The situation quickly escalated beyond what she could have ever imagined.

Seconds after Toraze's collapse, paramedics were on the scene, springing into action to aid him.

Davis, struck by the sudden turn of events, was almost paralyzed, frozen in disbelief as the reality of the situation began to sink in.

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"It was so surreal," she expressed, still in shock from the rapid and unexpected events.

"Only 10 minutes before, we'd finished saying our wedding vows."

"Now my husband was being loaded into an ambulance to go straight to the hospital," added the heartbroken bride, who works at a compassionate care facility for senior citizens and the disabled.

The stark contrast between the joy of their wedding and the urgency of the situation was overwhelming for Davis.

Once in the emergency room, physicians dedicated nearly an hour to the urgent task of trying to resuscitate Toraze.

They discovered that he had suffered a cardiac arrest, which was prompted by a blood clot that had traveled to his heart.

This medical emergency was both unexpected and severe.

Despite their best efforts, the doctors were ultimately unable to revive the newlywed. The news was a crushing blow to Davis.


"There was nothing that they could do to save him," Davis groaned, overwhelmed by grief. The finality of the situation was devastating.

"The doctors let me into the room, and I saw him lying there on the hospital bed. I begged them to save him. I'd only just lost my dad a few months before. I couldn't lose my husband too," she conveyed to The Sun, her voice laden with sorrow.

Davis was grappling with the immense weight of loss, having already experienced the passing of her father recently.

"But Toraze was gone," she shared, the finality of his passing hit her with full force.


"My husband whom I'd married just an hour before had passed away - I just couldn't take any of it in."

The enormity of her loss was incomprehensible, as Davis tried to process the swift transition from joy to mourning.

No stranger to crushing loss, Davis, at the time of Toraze's passing, had already been through what felt like an endless season of mourning.

This was due to a string of consecutive deaths in her immediate family, each one a significant blow to her heart.


"I'd lost my dad, too, from leukemia in February, my [oldest] daughter Rich had also lost her dad a few months [prior], and my cousin had died in February," she recalled, mentioning the series of losses that had befallen her and her family.

The pain of these losses was still fresh and deeply felt.

"And now we had lost Toraze, too. We all felt broken."

The combined effect of these successive tragedies left Davis and her family feeling shattered and bereft.

A crestfallen Davis, however, finds solace in the promises of her holy matrimony.

Despite the overwhelming grief, she clings to the memory of their wedding vows, a source of comfort in her time of sorrow.


"I just had to try and get some comfort from the fact that Toraze and I had actually had the chance to say our wedding vows, and pledge our love to each other," she said, reflecting on the brief time they had together as husband and wife.

This memory, though painful, provided a small measure of solace.

"I'd thought I was the luckiest woman alive to have married Toraze. He was such a gentle giant."

Davis fondly remembered her husband, cherishing the moments they had shared and the person he was.


It was love at first sight for Davis and her dearly departed darling during their initial encounter 17 years ago. The spark they felt was instantaneous and powerful.

"I'd seen him driving down the street," she remembered, recounting their first meeting. The memory of that first encounter was vivid in her mind.

"We had a chat and there was a spark there. But we were both married at the time, so we knew that nothing could come of it."

Despite the immediate connection, circumstances meant that their relationship could not progress at that time.

However, as fate would have it, the stars eventually aligned for the would-be couple. The path of their lives took a turn that brought them back together.

"Years later, I applied to do some fostering, and the boy I was asked to foster just happened to be Toraze's son," said Davis, sharing the remarkable twist of fate that reconnected them. It was as if destiny had intervened.

"He had been unable to look after him at the time, so when I saw him again outside a local shop a few years later, I called out to him." This chance encounter rekindled the flame that had never truly extinguished.


The passion and connection between the two were undeniable and enduring. Their love had withstood the test of time.

"This time, we were both divorced, so we started dating and became a couple," Davis explained.

The obstacles that once stood in their way were no longer present, allowing their relationship to blossom.

"It was as though we were always meant to be together," she mused, reflecting on the sense of destiny that surrounded their union.


Toraze made the life-changing decision to propose in 2017, marking a new chapter in their love story.

The couple was thrilled to embark on this journey together.

The fiancé then welcomed their daughter O'Ceann 18 months after their engagement, a joyous addition to their family.

Davis shared how O'Ceann became the center of their world.

"When she arrived into the world, he was the most amazing dad to her," Davis gushed with pride and love.

She fondly remembered how Toraze embraced fatherhood with such warmth and affection.

"She was his absolute world, and she meant everything to him. They were inseparable," Davis reflected on the special bond between her husband and their daughter.

The love and connection they shared were evident in every interaction.

The couple agreed to get hitched on Juneteenth 2023 - a national day of recognition to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved black people in the U.S.

They chose this day to celebrate not only their love but also an important historical moment. It was a day of dual significance for them.

Davis and Toraze hoped to celebrate their nuptials with an extravagant wedding and reception party. GoFundMe

"We would have the ceremony in our local church, then have everyone for a big reception celebration nearby," Davis described, sharing her plans for the big day.

She had envisioned a joyous gathering, surrounded by loved ones and friends.

"It just seemed like a lovely thing to look forward to, after we had lost family members," she explained.

The wedding was intended to be a bright spot, a reason to celebrate amid recent sorrows.

"We wanted something happy to celebrate and our wedding day was certainly going to do that," she added, emphasizing the importance of the occasion in bringing some much-needed happiness to their lives.


But now, the bereaved bride is left to grapple with the loss of her happily ever after. The future she had envisioned with her soulmate was cruelly snatched away.

"[Toraze] was my soulmate and as the minister had pronounced us married, it felt like the happiest day of our lives, and a life together that was just beginning," Davis reflected on what was supposed to be the start of a beautiful journey together.

"Now we have the rest of our lives without him there." This realization filled Davis with a profound sense of loss and emptiness.

To keep his memory alive, Davis and 4-year-old O'Ceann regularly visit Toraze's grave.

These visits are a testament to the enduring love and respect they hold for him.


Following his tragic death on their wedding day, Davis' colleagues initiated a $100,000 GoFundMe campaign in honor of her late husband.

This campaign was meant to support Davis and her children during this difficult time by covering Toraze's burial expenses and their immediate financial needs.

However, to date, the crowdsourcing effort has raised less than one-quarter of its goal, collecting a total of $24,361 in seven months.

While the amount raised is modest, it is still a gesture of kindness and support from those who contributed.


Despite the lack of financial support anticipated, Davis remains committed to honoring the memory of her dearly departed husband.

Her love for him transcends the physical absence.

"I may have only had him as a husband for an hour of my life," she declared, expressing the depth of her love and devotion.

"But I'll make sure his memory lasts a lifetime," she vowed, determined to keep his spirit alive in her heart and in the memories they shared.