Only Geniuses Are Able To Find The Differences In These Pictures

By Sughra Hafeez in Puzzle On 17th July 2017

#1 These are two versions of the famous Mona Lisa - but can you spot the differences in the photographs?

#2 Obviously, Mona Lisa knows an answer.

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#3 The girl looking outside.

It seems that it is easy but you should make an effort.

#4 See if your eagle-eyes can spot all of them and test your skills.

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#5 Big Ben in London

You will succeed and find all 4 differences.

#6 This iconic landmark has been tweaked so that there are four differences between the fake and the real thing.

#7 Train

#8 Don't just look on the train, make sure to look around it too as there might be some changes lurking elsewhere

#9 The old man.

#10 From the man to the instrument to the snake, there have been changes made

#11 Toy Story

#12 This scene from Toy Story has been tweaked and the toys have been very slightly altered

#13 The old women.

#14 With three differences between the left and right photograph, see if you can spot them all

#15 Look closely.

#16 The bright colors might be distracting but there are things to be found

#17 Find 5 differences.

#18 And here not everything is that simple!

#19 There is only one difference.

#20 This task is a bit more difficult.

#21 Once again, there is only one difference.

#22 But what a difference?

#23 There are 3 differences.

#24 A beautiful landscape but do not abstract yourself.

#25 And for the last, you should do your best! Because there are 9 differences!

#26 Have u spotted all the differences?