Only Left-Handed People Understand These Struggles

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Life Style

The world is full of right-handed people, but there is still a huge number of people who are left-handed. It is not easy to be left-handed. Writing and learning to write as a child is probably one of the biggest struggles that they have to face. However, that is not the only struggle lefties go through. Only lefties will truly relate to the things in this post.


Ice Cream Scoop

While there may be a debate on what kind of scooper this really is, there is no doubt that it is not made for lefties to use comfortably. Right-handed people get to use their thumb comfortably while lefties are left to awkwardly use their forefinger to operate it.

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Clipboard Pens

Many businesses and doctor's offices have clipboards with pens attached to them. In many cases, they are attached to the right making it hard for a lefty to use. Here is a tip, though. Flip the clipboard over and right on the back.


Ink Markings

While this can also happen to righties, it happens more often to lefties. That is because we write from left to right which causes a leftie to drag their arm across the paper and staining their arms like this.



Most scissors are ergonomic to fit comfortably in your hand while you use them. If a lefty cannot find scissors made for left-handed folks, using these kinds of scissors is not only awkward and uncomfortable, but it is also totally frustrating.

The Early Bird Gets The Seat

Most classroom desks are designed for right-handed people. That is entirely unfair, but it happens because the majority of people are righties. It does not mean that it is right, and classes should come equipped with a couple of lefty desks to accommodate everyone.

Price Gouging

Righties will scream "supply and demand" but lefties see it how it is...discrimination. Why should left-handed scissors cost so much more than right-handed ones? It is ridiculous.

Every Time

Most lefties look like this after spending some time writing or drawing. It is just a part of life that they learn to deal with.

Custom Mugs

As a righty, I have to ask...Is it really that much harder to hold your mug with your right hand? I can hold one with my left. I just figured drinking from a mug was an ambidextrous thing.


No Love For Lefties

Perhaps, they should have told the barista that they were a leftie, so they could get some love too. The ballsack is not something I want to see when I am drinking my latte.

It Never Fails

People act like left-handed people are an alien species. Just because there are not a lot of them, it does not mean that they do not exist. Then, they always act like they can relate to the struggle somehow or that they are not discriminant against lefties.


This is a totally legit representation of things people say when they see someone writing with their left hand. Lefties do not need you to relate to them or treat them differently. It is not a handicap. Stop treating it like one.