Original And Crop Pictures Both Tell A Different Story

By Johny in Funny On 11th October 2015

#1 So nice to Chill By The Laptop. It's Not COOL!!

#2 1 Picture can show 2 different story by cropping it. Power of Cropping.

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#4 Kneed as B00Bs. Great idea to fool boys.

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#5 Is it Giant Fish in the pool.. No it's just a shade of Duck.

#6 Shadow tells a dirty story while actual picture is clean.

#8 Hello friends.. I m in Dubai..

#9 This picture deserves an award. A man sacrifices for love. LOL

#10 Atleast some one is naked in the room. LOL

#11 Wow What a car. Without Tyres and front.

#12 hahahahahahha. This picture don't need any explaination.

#13 Picture taken by imaginary boyfriend that is her own legs.

#14 Monkey facepalm. By the way. What the hell monkeys are doing?

#15 Are they gay.. No No wait they are just fighting. Thank GOD..

#16 Please getup for this lady. She really need standing ovation for this cropping. Really Appreciated.