Our Pets Really Are An Endless Source Of Entertainment

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 16th June 2018

If you are a pet owner, you know how much joy your pets bring into your life. They have their own little personalities and quirks that make them truly unique. They are always doing something that brings a smile to our faces. Here are some pets that will truly make you smile on even the worst days.



I have heard of kids getting their hands on their parent's phones and taking funny selfies. But, we have never heard of pets doing it too.


There Are Two Kinds

This saying could go for people as well. You are either happy and greet everyone or you hate everyone and want to claw their eyes out for even looking in your direction.



This is like that meme that compares a person's profile picture to how they look in real life when you can see their whole body. But, this cat is too cute no matter how extra floofy he is.


This is probably the most accurate meme ever made. In the photo on the right, he looks like he is saying, "Aargh let me tell ye a tale of the sea." Am I the only one who sees that?



Tiny dogs that shiver all of the time can be hard to look at. They just break your heart. Thankfully, this dog's human found a way to stop the chills in the most loving and creative way.


This guy dressed up like his cat, and it is absolutely terrifying. No wonder his cat looks the way he does right now. He is not sure if he should run or claw his face off.


Happy Bahmitsvah

Every now and then, you come across people who are like super pet parents. They celebrate their fur baby's birthdays and even include them on other holidays. This little guy's humans are definitely one of those kinds of people.


Not Impressed

Most cats do not like the cold. It is no wonder that this cat looks like he is not impressed with his humans when they introduced him to the snow for the first time. Curiosity might just kill his humans instead of killing the cat.

Yes? You called?

This must be one of them Ikea dogs. They clearly did not put him together properly, or he is broken. We suggest they try to turn him off and back on again to fix him.


If I fits, I sits.

They say that dogs are very intelligent creatures. It is hard to believe that when you see photographs like this one. When they do something stupid, though, it is totally endearing. Doesn't it make you want one just like him?


This cat clearly is proud of her little kitten. She is so proud that she is taking the time to introduce her to her human. They look like they will all be one big happy family.


Don't Judge Me

One thing that most people forget is that their pets see absolutely every single thing that you do. If you are getting a look like this from your pet, they know what you did and they are ashamed of you at this moment.