Parent's Spark Social Media Debate After Claiming That Tickling Is 'Child Abuse'

Posted by Sama in Parenting On 13th September 2020

One can never reach an agreement when it comes to the idea of parenting. This is solely because every person carries a different idea of it in their mind. This is the reason why debate concerning the dos and don't of parenting is never-ending. This parent claimed tickling to be classified as 'child abuse' to kids and social media sure have different views on it.



When it comes to parenting everyone shares different views on it. What is considered bizarre for one may be considered normal for others. The point is everything holds differents views and if one goes into the debate of rights and wrongs of parenting then it is for sure a never-ending debate. 

Recently a parent's Facebook post went viral over the claim that tickling is 'child abuse.' 



The post sparked a huge debate on social media with many calling it out while others defending it. The post explained that if a child does not consent to tickling then adults should stop immediately.

"If they (kids) come looking for it/ask for it, they like it (tickling)," they wrote in their initial message, which has now been widely shared.

"Stop when they ask you to stop," they added, before also saying: "It's about consent and you are teaching them their body, their rules."

Another parent seemed to be taken aback, replying: "So it'd be child abuse to do it to my kids?"

In the same post it was pointed out that most children will constantly change their minds and will often ask for tickling to stop, but then want more.

"They will literally tell you to stop, then immediately ask to be tickled more," they said.

"But generally it's actually the best way to momentarily paralyse a toddler in order to get shoes on them," they adding jokingly.



The poster though was in no mood of having a light discussion on it and held their ground firmly even after sharing views from different parents. 

"This (not tickling) is one small thing you can do to show respect," they replied.

"It's easy and causes no harm. Why wouldn't you?"


Not only this but screenshots of the conversation have gone viral and some people are surprised to find that if they tickle their child then it counts as 'child abuse.' 

"Tickling isn't going to traumatise a kid in this case," said one social media user.

"What? We argue about tickling now? 2020 is the worst," added another.

However, the parent also had plenty of support, with others agreeing with the pro-consent stance.

"I hate being tickled because my brother and sister would tickle me and tickle me and tickle me and wouldn't stop even when I started crying. I'm totally with [the parent]," said one person.

"I tickle my kids, but stop the second they ask me to," agreed another.

A third commented: "I agree that it's a great way to teach consent".

The endless debate as expected didn't reach any consensus which once again proves our point that disagreements on parenting are a debate that can never end.