Parents Emotional Reaction After Meeting Their Adoptive Baby For The First Time Is All You Need To See Today

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 24th May 2018

#1 Holding Your Child For The First Time Is The Best Feeling In The World

Becoming parents and being able to hold your newborn is the most beautiful feeling in the world that every parent can agree to. Heather and Brent went through the same when after months of waiting they were able to hold their adoptive baby for the first time. The couple is already parents to an adoptive daughter, 3-year old Willa, who was super excited upon hearing the news of getting a baby sister.


#2 The Young Couple Reached The Hospital At The Time The Child Came Into This World

The soon to be parents hired a photography agency to get each and every moment with their baby girl captured on the camera and the photographers sure did justification with it as the pictures were taken so on-spot that just by looking at them, we guarantee you they will melt your heart.

Heather and Brent reached the hospital just when they heard the mother was in labor in order to get an opportunity to bond with the baby.


#3 "Really Brandy’s The Hero. She’s The One Who Had To Break Her Own Heart."

Brandy, the real birth mother of the baby girl, Adela interviewed several couples before she decided upon Heather and Brent as the most suitable to raise her daughter. According to Heather, Brandy is a real-life hero, who is giving up her own daughter and getting her heart broken in the process. "Really Brandy’s the hero. She’s the one who had to break her own heart."

#4 Brandy Will Be A Part Of Adela's Life While Growing Up

Soon they were informed on phone that Brandy is in labor and if they want to meet their new family member they should rush to the hospital. Heather and Brent later reached on a mutual decision and it was decided that they are going to keep an open option and will let Brandy keep in touch with Adela while growing up and she would get to see photos, talk on the phone with Adela, and even spend time with her.


#5 The Financial Burden Of Adoption Was Huge On Heather And Brent

However, in a world, we live if parents want to adopt a child only love is not enough for that. They need money too and Heather and Brent knew that their second adoption would be tough on them financially and they would have to ask for help eventually. So after much thinking, the parents made an account and on YouCare and started their fundraiser.

The fundraiser post read, "Our journey to begin our family has been a long and expensive one. While we are thrilled to be adopted, the financial burden of adoption is huge! In the end, our adoption will cost around $35,000. We are humbly fundraising to help lighten this burden and to get us closer to our baby. Each person who donates to our adoption becomes a part of our family’s story — a piece of the puzzle. Help us bring our baby home and be a forever part of his or her nursery and heart by sponsoring a piece of the photo puzzle. Explaining their photo puzzle, the post further read, " We have selected a 300-piece photo puzzle to be displayed in the baby’s nursery. Each $30 donation sponsors a piece. With each donation, we will write the name of the sponsoring person/people on the back of the puzzle piece. You can sponsor one piece of the puzzle or as many as you would like. You can sponsor one piece from your family or a piece for each member of your family. You can sponsor as an individual or as a group. Once all of the puzzle pieces are sponsored, the puzzle will be framed with double-sided glass and hung on the nursery wall. As our baby grows, he or she will be able to look at the back of the puzzle to see the names of all of the people who helped bring our family together."

#6 Heather And Brent Are Now Proud Parents Of Two Beautiful Girls!

The whole procedure was documented well by Heather's sister who is also a photographer and thanks to her the whole world got to be a part of this unique event. The young couple now have a complete happy family and Brandy knows her daughter is going to have loving parents who will give her best life possible.