Parkour Runner Misses His Jump And Falls Off A High Rise Rooftop

By Abdul Rafay in Bizarre On 4th September 2023

One parkour performer misjudged his jump and landed directly on a rooftop of a tall building.

Credit: YouTube/GoatWoW

We can all agree that parkour free runners—an entirely other type of thrill-seeker—climb enormous buildings with little more than sheer willpower and optimistic thinking.

And after recording on camera the POV moment when everything could have really gone south, this runner showed just that.

Fortunately, the man lived to tell the tale, and the terrifying bodycam clip was later shared to YouTube.

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The parkour runner can be seen in the video strolling on the ledge of a very tall building before frighteningly rounding a tight turn and becoming entangled in what look to be electrical lines.

Credit: YouTube/GoatWoW

He then completely loses his footing and tumbles down the building's side before his lightning-fast reflexes cause him to cling to the wires for dear life as he climbs the wall.


Fortunately, the man was having fun with a friend who assisted him in getting over the edge and to safety.

The two can then be heard laughing hysterically as they process what just happened.

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Since then, the video has received over 2.4 million views and countless comments on the platform.

Credit: YouTube/GoatWoW

One YouTube user penned: "I think he finally found that proper adrenaline rush he was looking for."

That is one way to phrase it.

"Is anyone else impressed at how strong those wires are?" asked a second. "I guess they both messed up his attempt and saved his life at the same time."


Talk about having two goals.

A second adrenaline junkie added: "As someone who also came close to falling to his death rock climbing, I understand that hysterical laughter at the end when you reach safety."

Another echoed: "As someone who’s slipped off the top of a roof into a pool inches away from the concrete, the laughter is relatable."

"He’s SO lucky his friends were there to save him," pointed out a fifth. "Imagine if he did this alone…"

The video has subsequently been posted on several social media sites, and one post that received more than 21.1 million views on X (formerly known as Twitter) went viral.

The internet clearly couldn't wait to express its thoughts on the harrowing journey. One person suggested: "If you want an adrenaline rush, just go to the gym..."


"Really, it’s simple maths!" joked a second. "The more you f**k around, the more you find out!"

A final user claimed: "One thing is for sure, he won't do it again."