People Amazed By World's Largest Cruise Ship That's Five Times Bigger Than The Titanic

By maks in News On 11th January 2024

Measured by its gross tonnage, which assesses volume rather than weight, Icon of the Seas holds the title of the largest cruise liner globally, boasting a staggering gross tonnage of 248,663.

Spanning an impressive length of 364.75 meters, Icon of the Seas surpasses the length of the previously longest Oasis Class cruise liners. 


However, it falls short of breaking the record for the longest ship ever built, which remains with the oil tanker Seawise Giant. 

At 458.46 meters, the Seawise Giant, retired in 2009, still holds this record.

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Credit: X / @adamjgarfield

The size comparison between Icon of the Seas and the historic Titanic is inevitable. 


The Titanic, renowned for its massive size, measured 269.1 meters in length. 

Yet, when it comes to gross tonnage, Icon of the Seas significantly outmatches the Titanic, which had a gross register tonnage of 46,329.

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Icon of the Seas is practically a floating metropolis with a crew of 2,350 and a maximum passenger capacity of 7,600. 

The ship’s amenities are as impressive as its size. 

Credit: Royal Carribean

Royal Caribbean boasts that the ship houses six waterslides, seven swimming pools—including the Royal Bay, claimed to be the largest pool at sea—an on-board ice rink, and a beach club featuring the first suspended infinity pool on a ship.

With 20 decks, Icon of the Seas is an imposing presence on the sea. 

A notable feature is its 'aquadome' at the front of the vessel, a 363-tonne structure that took 80 hours to assemble and place. 

Credit: Royal Carribean

And to power this gigantic vessel, liquid natural gas is used, fitting for a ship of such monumental scale.

People took to social media to share their amazement at the size of the ship.


One wrote: "Truly is unbelievable how big of a ship she is."

A second posted: "Icon of the Seas is CRAZY."

A third said: "Holy cr*p Icon of the Seas makes the other mega ships its sailing past look so small in comparison."