People Are Buying Breast Milk, But It’s Not For Newborns...

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 13th October 2015


On first glance, Only The Breast an online marketplace for buying and selling breast milk looks innocent enough. It describes itself as ‘a community for mums', it outlines the health benefits of giving your baby the breast, and it gives sellers advice on how to best market their milk.



Oh, but it also just happens to be the go-to place for men with a hardcore breast milk fetish.

As well as selling surplus breast milk, the website also allows users to post a ‘breast milk wanted' classified. This is intended primarily for women or gay dads who can't or just don't want to breast feed themselves.

When we clicked through to these ‘breast milk wanted' ads, however, we quickly realised that the overwhelming majority of them are not for thirsty newborns. Instead, they come under the category, ‘men seeking milk'.

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Some have fetishes, some believe in the health benefits, and some have chosen not to divulge why they want or what they are planning to do with vast quantities of breast milk, on a regular basis.

But one thing is sure this is a growing market.


One man describes himself as athletic and attractive, and then expresses a desire to be suckled by a lactating mum at least once a week. Nothing more nothing ‘sexual', he just wants to be nursed.

And he's not alone. Numerous men want to be breast-fed, while others just want to drink breast milk in the presence of the woman who expressed it.

So each to their own, really.

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Despite there being little medical evidence, many men are looking to buy breast milk for the health benefits. It has become popular among body-builders, and also people with chronic diseases. They believe it's good for the immune system, and is easier to digest.


Drinking breast milk, however, may be doing them more harm than good. The BBC recently conducted an investigation in which they found a third of the samples they bought online were contaminated.

Some contained E.Coli, and they also found the fungus that causes thrush in others. Tasty.

For new parents wanting to get breast milk for a baby, it would probably be best to go through the NHS, where donated milk is properly screened. For men wanting a ‘regular supply of healthy breast milk as much as possible please' we guess it's up to them if they want to run the risks