People Are Capturing Their Awkward Mornings After One-Night Stands On Snapchat And It's Glorious

By Michael Avery in Life Style On 22nd October 2015


The internet is turning everything on its head these days. Take one-night stands. There's a reason the way home at the end of the night used to be called the "walk of shame;" you slink away home, hoping nobody notices you and wonders why you're wearing nightclub clothing at six in the morning, your stale cologne vying with the rich musk of bodily fluids and hedonistic sheepnishness.

But now? There's a new trend out there, and it involves actually documenting the aftermath of your one-night stands, usually on SnapChat (which is supposed to be ephemeral, but hey, this is the internet, after all.)

Before you accuse us of being all anti-technology, we'll be the first people to say we find this pretty damn hilarious. And it's even gender-inclusive: both men and women tend to be getting in on the act equally.


Nice! You had sex with your best friend's ex. Wait a minute, this seems like a pretty serious faux-pas. So WHY WOULD YOU DOCUMENT IT?

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We can't decide if this guy is a gentleman or a dick. Has the courtesy to drop her off, yet also is dickish enough to insist on photographic evidence and put it online. You're only supposed to fake-reluctantly whip that out at the bar with your buds, brah.


We'll answer these questions in order: 1. A guy who is smart enough to realize that after a one-night stand, you should cling to your phone for dear life, and don't let something so simple as unconsciousness separate you from it. 2. He's still there because you're Snapchatting him instead of doing the morally decent thing and subtly waking him up and inventing a relatively plausible excuse for him to be out of the house in an hour.

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Play scrabble?


This one at least seems to have some narrative structure. Verdict: A better love story than Twilight.


Again, we'll answer: someone clearly enterprising enough to put on pants and a shirt, go out and grab a coffee, take off his clothes and get back in bed before you've even woken up after having sex. Respect!

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We're not ones to cast doubts on people's sexual abilities, but the difference in post-coital happiness expressed here is pretty damning.


And a shameful deed it was. And by deed of course, we mean Snapchatting your unconscious sexual partner, you braggadocious pr*ck.


Well, there's always next time.