People Are Claiming Mandela Effect After Discovering What MD Stands For In MD 20/20

By Haider Ali in Food On 10th June 2024

If you're bold enough to shot it, the fortified wine drink is strong enough to knock your socks off and comes in a variety of tastes.

Additionally, the drink will bring up a lot of memories for some people because it may have been their preferred beverage in the past.

Since its introduction in the 1960s, MD 20/20 has continued to enjoy widespread popularity.

Many people have also believed that the initials "MD" stand for "Mad Dog" since the product's release, but you'll be shocked to learn that this is false.

MD 20/20 is a fortified wine drink.

An image of the delivery box that someone's MD-20/20 arrived in, bearing the beverage's true name, is making the rounds on the internet.

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The product is referred to as "Mogen David 20/20" on the packaging, and it has stunned consumers, with some even mentioning The Mandela Effect.

The beverage is made by Mogen David.

Since then, someone has given an explanation of the origin of the nickname Mad Dog.

In a Facebook post, she stated: "It’s because it used to have a dog on the label so I think we just all figured MD stood for MadDog."

Facebook users are floored to learn what MD 20/20 actually stands for. Facebook/Sarah Bajwa

Numerous other people also mentioned that there used to be a dog on the bottle's cover; however, someone pointed out that they might be confusing MD 20/20 with a beer known as Red Dog.

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"We only called it Mad Dog, because we were all mad for drinking that stuff," laughed someone else.

Some people didn't agree that MD stands for Mogen David.

"No way I refuse to believe this is called anything but mad dog," insisted one person.

Someone else quipped: "It is mad dog. Mogen david is a different kind of wine. It's never been a nick name."

"It was definitely Maddog," added a third. 

"This is the biggest mindf**k I’ve encountered since joining this group," another shocked MD 20/20 drinker penned on the Facebook thread.

Some others took advantage of the news to vent about their own experiences consuming MD 20/20 and the awful hangovers they suffered as a result.

"This picture brought me back to my house party I threw while my parents were away in 2000," shared one Facebook user.

"Guy drank too much orange MD, puked all over himself and we had to carry him to the bathtub to clean him up. Just looking at this picture, I can smell it."

A different person joked: "I still feel a bit of the hangover from 15 years ago!"