People Are Disgusted As Woman Eats Raw Salmon Fillet On Bus

By Abdul Rafay in Food Published On 8th January 2023

After sharing a TikTok of herself opening a packet of raw salmon on the bus and simply eating it, a woman apparently gave the internet the ick.

While it usually helps to take a "you do you" attitude in situations like these, we should definitely remind out that eating raw fish—aside from sushi and sashimi—is extremely dangerous and also ask that you abstain from running with scissors.

Credit: TikTok/@aggiedayx

It is important to note that eating raw meat and fish is never a good idea. While sushi has been prepared with care since it was caught, eating fish straight from the package of raw fish isn't a good idea either.

But that's just what Aggie Day did as she recorded herself opening the salmon pack and eating the raw fish.

Credit: TikTok/@aggiedayx
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She uploaded the video on TikTok and asked, "Anyone else or am I a wrongen?" Judging by the response on the internet, most people are not really on her side in this situation.

The response on the internet was overwhelmingly disgusting, with many people advising her to "get some worm tablets asap" in case she had consumed food containing parasites that would typically be eliminated by boiling the fish.

It was termed "minging" by one individual, "Salmon Ella" by another, and "make sure you worm yourself frequently" by a third.

@aggiedayx Just missing the soya sauce ☹️banging #happynewyear ♬ Lol - Stepz & JTA


Many more pointed out that if she wanted to eat raw salmon, while many others commented that they "love salmon but this is a bit far." She may purchase another type that was okay to eat.

Another person made a joke about her eating raw chicken breast the following week.

Aggie isn't entirely alone in her fish habits, either, as some commenters who expressed horror and worry also admitted to eating raw salmon straight from the packet.

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Aggie told The Independent that she had "posted it as a laugh" and that while she had eaten raw salmon previously, it wasn't one of her usual meals, despite the fact that the reaction to the video was almost overwhelmingly disgusted.

She also informed everyone that she was aware that consuming raw salmon straight from the package was unhealthy, but in this particular instance, it seemed that the possibility of fun outweighed the risks of food poisoning.

Overall, it was a very unhygienic act, especially in light of the fact that it also occurred on the bus.

Buses aren't the cleanest of places, to begin with; many of them are downright filthy and employ clever methods to hide most of the grime from prying eyes.