People Claim McDonald’s Knows Something We Don’t After Opening Store In Middle Of Nowhere Without Electricity

By Abdul Rafay in Interesting On 29th November 2023

The fast-food giant McDonald's is well-known worldwide, with operations in more than 100 nations and territories.


The great majority of its 36,000 restaurants are frequently found in busy places; after all, if there are no people around, who would want to eat a huge Big Mac meal?


However, because it is located in the middle of nowhere in the Canadian countryside, this particular McDonald's opening is definitely unique.

In Saint-François, Laval, Quebec, at 8075 Avenue Marcel-Villeneuve, McDonald's formally launched a new store last week.

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"Officially open for business. Our staff awaits you at our new restaurant at 8075 Marcel-Villeneuve, Laval," the restaurant wrote on Facebook.


McDonalds' Jéremy Lévy said: "I am delighted to be involved with the community of Saint-François on the occasion of this opening. Growing up with a father who is also a McDonald's franchisee, I have had the opportunity to see him actively involved in the communities in which he operates his restaurants. Today, I am very excited to follow in his footsteps and get involved in the same way."


The new eatery has only been up for about a week, but already it has become quite popular because of a TikTok video that @thumbs.up.canuck posted.

The TikToker was very confused when he saw that a new "Maccies" had opened up close to him, instead of running over to grab a burger and some fries.

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The McDonald's location plus the fact that it doesn't seem to have electricity may have caused the man the most confusion.


@thumbs.up.canuck McDiesel fumes #mcdonalds #crazy ♬ original sound - thumbs.up.canuck

He clarified while he was recording the new eatery from his car: "It’s literally in the middle of a farm field. It’s surrounded by farm, and there’s not even electricity yet. They’re running the damn place on a generator! That’s crazy!"

On TikTok, the video has received over 37,000 views, and several conspiracy theories have been proposed in response.

Some have even implied that the corporate offices of McDonald's Canada must be aware of information that the general public is not.


"Then you know what's coming they wouldn't put it there for nothing," one user claimed.

A second added: "In two years it will be surrounded by houses strategically planned."

While a third remarked: "All the surrounding farms are about to be purchased and sold to developers."

According to other comments, the neighborhood is about to be built, and McDonald's will be the first company to move in.


However, this confusing TikTok video made this rural McDonald's famous and got people talking.

Social media is making the story about McDonald's even more interesting for everyone.


We're wondering if this McDonald's in the quiet countryside is just different or if it means there are big plans for the area.

People are talking a lot online, turning McDonald's from confusing to a symbol of change in the peaceful Canadian countryside.