People 'Disgusted' After Woman Records Herself 'Licking' Seattle Gum Wall

By Haider Ali in Bizarre On 3rd November 2023
Credit: Twitch/xoAeriel

Twitch streamer xoAeriel gained notoriety for licking Seattle's famous gum wall in a video.

This gum wall, near Pike Place Market, is essentially a wall covered in chewed gum from various people over the years.

Despite the wall's unhygienic history, xoAeriel's video licking it like an ice cream cone went viral.

In the video, she even picked up a piece of gum hanging from the wall and chewed it as if it were new.

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Credit: Twitch/xoAeriel

Understandably, some viewers were alarmed by the idea of touching someone else's gum, let alone licking it.

One viewer said: "I wish I could unsee this", while the second one said: "This makes me want to puke."

Another viewer expressed their disgust with a simple, "This is disgusting like wtf."

After a backlash, xoAeriel took to Instagram to address doubts about the video's authenticity.

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She explained that she had chewed over a hundred pieces of gum herself to make it stick to the wall.

Her clarification stated that she had licked the section of the wall recently painted with her own gum, minimizing contact with others' saliva but acknowledging the presence of germs.

Nevertheless, she admitted that it was still somewhat disgusting, and she got seriously ill as a result of her actions.

In another video, xoAeriel was seen chewing large amounts of gum while wearing gloves before placing them on the gum wall.

Even after her explanation, not everyone was willing to forgive her; some found it "still so gross."

Others considered it more "reasonable" because she was essentially licking her own gum.

Regardless, attempting to lick the gum wall, even if it's your own gum, is not advisable due to health risks.

It should be evident that xoAeriel suffered severe illness as a consequence of her actions.

The controversy surrounding the video highlighted the public's strong reaction to unhygienic stunts.

xoAeriel's choice to lick the gum wall was met with widespread disapproval and condemnation.

The video stirred discussions about the boundaries of online content and the need for responsible social media use.

This incident underscores the importance of considering the consequences when getting involved in unclean or controversial behaviors in the public sphere.