People Refuse To Eat Sliced Ham Anymore After Seeing How It’s Made

By Abdul Rafay in Food On 27th August 2023

It seems like the process for making sliced ham would be quite self-explanatory.

After all, don't they just chop the larger pieces of ham we occasionally throw in the oven for our roast dinners into thin slices?

Evidently not, though.

People are currently viewing sliced ham in a different light after learning the unflattering reality of how it is produced.

You enjoy it on your salads, cheese boards, and sandwiches.

However, a video that became popular on TikTok and explained how the pork product is made has caused many people to swear off eating it.

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It begins as pink gunk that a factory worker scrapes into a yellow tub.

The slop, which resembles strawberry ice cream melting, is then poured into tubs in the shape of loaves by this employee.

Afterward, the material inside these tubs is allowed to flatten while being allowed to air out.


The tub is then moved into an oven, where it is kept until it is ready to be removed, emerging crispy and brown.

Then, they are lined up onto a cutting device, which dices the food.

The pink insides become visible when the slices fall through.

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And thus, my dear reader, is how ham is made.

You might not really understand how stomach-turning the process genuinely is from reading my description.

The flesh used to make ham slices has undergone mechanical recovery.

Dietitian Carrie Ruxton explained the process of creation as follows: "All of the little bits that are left over on the bone will be blasted off with high-pressure water."

Although uncooked, rolled ham is frequently regarded as the superior alternative, the meat can frequently be combined from a variety of animals.

Ruxton's advice?


"Go for the most expensive meat you can afford and eat a bit less of it."

According to how people responded to the video, many will be eating a little less meat.

On TikTok, the video has received more than 8 million views and thousands of critical comments.

One viewer asked: "What in the Ghost Busters pink slime surprise is that?"

Another wrote: "What in the hell type of chemicals are they using to be suited up like that?"

A fellow viewer commented: "I give up. I'm just going to be hungry."


People have previously lost their appetite after seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

The way crabsticks were made disturbed a lot of people.

It would make sense to start with crab meat, wouldn't it?



The Alaskan pollock species make up the majority of the grey flesh.

The meat is then added to a mixer and mashed up before being combined with additional components like egg whites and wheat and, you guessed it, being mixed again.


People will switch to vegetarianism in droves once they learn how sausages are made.

On second thinking, perhaps not.

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